Articles From the December 1995 Unification News


Kook Jin Nim Speaks in Phoenix, Arizona

by Mark Anderson-Phoenix, AZ

On Oct. 22, Kook Jin Moon, the seventh child of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, delivered the "True Family and I" address in Phoenix, Arizona.

Close to 150 people filled the sanctuary of the Higher Vision Center to hear the inspirational message of hope and unification.

The program began at 2:30pm with a reception in the courtyard outside the beautiful sanctuary. At 3:00 the choir of the Open Door Church led by their irrepressible pastor, Rev. Morrison, got the spirit moving with several gospel numbers.

This was followed by original music and lyrics offered by the New Inspiration Singers, a local Arizona a cappella singing ensemble. In introducing one of the original numbers, the group's leader, Mrs. Elayssandria London, shared about the power of repentance. She pointed out in the audience her white friend, who had asked Elay's forgiveness for the past sins which whites committed against blacks. This in turn has helped Elay to begin to lay bridges of love and understanding between herself and those of different races. It was a deeply moving moment for the entire audience, which was a beautiful mix of many races and skin colors.

The master of ceremonies, Mr. Eugene Hutloff, a local high school teacher, introduced Mrs. Beverly Tidwell, the president of the Arizona Chapter of Candlelighters, a support organization for families with children who suffer terminal illness.

Mrs. Tidwell introduced the keynote speaker, Kook Jin Moon, by sharing how the vision and example of Kook Jin Nim's parents had transformed her own life.

Kook Jin Nim conveyed the profound content of "The True Family and I" with sincerity and emotion.

Following the speech and the presentation of flowers to the speaker, the Open Door Choir closed the event with a powerful gospel rendition.

A gift basket containing a variety of edible goodies was presented by the members to Mrs. Kym Guntermann, the pastor of the Unification Church of Arizona, in appreciation for her faith, love and perseverance in spearheading the effort to organize and put on the program.

A victory cake was enjoyed by Kook Jin Nim and the local congregation at the Arizona Unification Church center after the speech. The regional leader, Rev. Sung Sang Lee, shared news of the worldwide movement during the informal gathering which followed.


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