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In Memorium - Stephen Greaves 1955-1993

by Robert E. Hall, Jr.-New York

Stephen Greaves was born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1955, the son of the late Winifred Greaves and Joseph Pile. He was one of nine children and was raised by his grandmother. Stephen was introduced to the Unification Church by his spiritual mother Barbara Moseley Marks and was part of the original performing arts choir, "The Hallelujah Group." He was also an active witnesser to the change God brought about in his life.

As the group toured the Caribbean and Europe, under the name "Los Internacionales," he continued as one of the soloists using his fine tenor voice to great advantage. Many people remarked on the quality of his singing; this gift was evidently given by God.

Settling in England, he formed several bands, continued with his singing career and composed songs. He made an album, "Sing and Shout," and was working on several compositions at the time of his ascension into the spiritual world.

Mrs. Lorraine Boodram-Jones states: "I will always remember Stephen-or `Boker' as he was affectionately called-and the times we worked together. I will remember his warm, friendly and winning personality and his honest sincerity in acknowledging and dealing with personal problems. I will also remember his deep love of music and his trying to reach others through this medium."

A few months before Stephen's ascension, he visited the USA and we spent some hours together. I distinctly remember our conversation. It concerned the importance of the blessing, God-centered families, and- as fathers-the importance of bonding with our children.

Stephen ascended into the spiritual world on Saturday, Nov. 27, 1993 after suffering complications from diabetes. He leaves behind his wife Sharon Greaves, two sons, sisters, cousins, aunts and other relatives. Stephen and Sharon are part of the 8,000 Couples blessed in marriage by Rev. and Mrs. Moon in October 1982.

Stephen's seung hwa ceremony was held in England. A memorial service was held in New York.

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