Articles From the November 1995 Unification News


Biographical Sketch: Dr. David S. C. Kim

1915, November 9 Born in Seoul, Korea

1942, January 6 Married Eui Hong Kang

1954, February Met and joined Unification group; receives name "David" through Mrs. Se Hyun Ok

1954, May 1 One of five charter members of HSA-UWC

1954, August Departs as the Unification Church's first overseas missionary to England

1959, September 18 Arrival and missionary work in U. S. A.

1975 Appointed President, Unification Theological Seminary; incorporates International One World Crusade - President to the present

1977 Charter member, Unification Church International

1978 Incorporates Global Congress of the World's Religions - Permanent Advisor

1982 Charter member, International Religious Foundation

1988 Ph. D., Columbia Pacific University

1990 UTS gains Absolute Charter from the State of New York

1992 Listed in Who's Who in American Education, and other source books on educators

1994 Founds Marriage and Family Institute of America - President

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