Articles From the October 1995 Unification News


Autumn in Korea

by Steve & Jerry Tamayo, Don & Leslie Holliday

The long, hot humid days of summer and torrential monsoon rains of August have faded now like a mirage in a desert and seem to belong to another land and time, as the peaceful autumnal breezes flow gently and flee quietly, almost unnoticed, as they wend their way through the busy traffic-clogged streets of Seoul. By now the students at Sun Hwa School have almost completed one month of school.

With this newsletter, we welcome those returning to Korea. On Sept. 4 we had the privilege of hearing Mrs. Hoon Sook Moon as she spoke to the new GOP students at the 15th entrance ceremony for foreign students at Sun Hwa School. Afterwards she met with students and took some pictures with them.

On Sept. 9 we took the students out to eat dinner at Ponderosa Restaurant. The following day all the students at Sun Hwa dormitory had a rousing game of Yutnori as we concluded the Chusok weekend.

from the International Blessed Children's news from Korea


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