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Generic Marriage Manual Needs Your Help

by Marquis Van De Mark-Columbus, OH

With the advent of Blessing '95 behind us and the arrival of 200,000+ newly Blessed Couples, the inspiration to put together a book of marriage wisdom and inspiration has begun to take shape. I was inspired by the opportunity of so many non-Unification core (fundamental) Church members who attended Blessing '95. I heard the percentage was around 2/3. So here is the inspiration! A generic marriage manual, book of wisdom, internal guidance, way of tradition...kind of gathering of Couples' experiences compiled together into a book of marriage wisdom. Generic enough to apply to anyone who picks it up and reads it! I am interested in gathering from around the world writings of your marriage wisdom. If you would be interested in contributing to this effort, here is what I am looking for:

Pick a topic: It could be marriage as a Holy relationship, marriage and children, marriage and my spouse, marriage and get the idea, you pick the topic which inspires you, then write a short message or inspiration about that topic and your experience...marriage wisdom or advice.

Information gathered: We will sort through all the responses and compile them into categories and make up a kind of "Way of Tradition"- style generic marriage manual which can be used for non- and core- Unificationists alike. The manuals will then be published and made available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Uses of manual: As the Blessing requirements become easier for more and more attendance by non-Unificationists, the manual will be a kind of non-threatening guide to marriage and the right attitudes.... They could be given as gifts or offered to churches, etc. A potential door opener. A back-door approach.

If interested: "HOW TO TAKE PART"

1. Approach with a prayerful attitude (ask God for insight)

2. Pick a topic

3. Write in the first person

4. You can use Father's words; remember this is also for non- Unificationists, so keep it generic

5. Send to my address: Marriage Wisdom, 4000 Saddlehorn Dr., Columbus, OH 43221. For those of you who have e-mail:

Upon completion, the manual will be made available to anyone interested, and is currently being promoted by some traditional marketing avenues. We already have some orders. It will be marketed to the general public.

We all have something to offer to the world; after all, we are Blessed Couples. Send me your marriage advice.

Marquis Van De Mark: 614-527-9686


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