Articles From the September 1995 Unification News


Letter to the Editor - Plea For Cambodia

I have a request: If there are Cambodian members anywhere, or if you know of any (all my research, so far, has been fruitless), or if you know of any missionaries there or in the vicinity, or if you can tell me where I can get such information, PLEASE WRITE ME.

There is a Khmer, 20-year-old member here, for whom any information would be invaluable. Also, does anyone have materials to teach DP to someone of Buddhist background? I have Thomas Cromwell's "Essentials of the Unification Principle" but it is not enough.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

UnHyo Delessert
Rue des Brevards 9
CH-2000 Neuchatel
Tel.: (038) 24.21.49
e-mail: GudelB@dial.EUNET.CH (please mention: for UnHyo)


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