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Parents' Day Celebration In North Dakota

Betsy Orman-Fargo, ND

On July 23, l995 North Dakota celebrated it's first annual Parents' Day. With only eight days to prepare, three families worked together to set up a Parents' Day program that would somehow reach out to the entire state. Betsy Orman sent a press release to the North Dakota news service which in turn sent it out to 89 papers statewide. She was interviewed on major radio stations and gave five minute television interviews on the three major network news shows. An informative article was written in the Fargo Forum, the local newspaper, on Wednesday and followed up with a large beautiful front page picture of the celebration the day after the program on Monday.

The event was held at the Fargo Childrens' Museum.

At 12:30 PM John Foss, the Master of Ceremonies gathered the crowd together and gave opening remarks. He invited everyone to enjoy their picnic lunch together in the outdoor gazebo at the Farm.. A musician serenaded the crowd while we waited for the formal program to begin. At 1:30 the Elite Gold Gymnastics team of fourteen young girls ages 4- 8 gave a terrific performance on the back lawn of park. At 2:00 PM Betsy Orman read a proclamation from the Governor and a letter from the Senator Conrad in support of the Parents Day' celebration. Our Mayor signed the award certificates (designed by headquarters) printed on beautiful blue marbled card stock by Cindy Pfeiffer, and engraved on a laser printer by Larry Orman.

Betsy Orman presented the awards to seven groups who are working with parenting education including, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Parenting Resource Center, the Boy Scouts of America, the YMCA and the Caring Program for Children. A special award was given to the Parents' Day Parents of the Year, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Weitz for their tireless investment in the lives of so many children throughout the state. They raised up 52 Eagle Scouts among their many accomplishments. An award was also given to Lutheran Social Services International Refugee Program for their incredible effort to rescue families fleeing from political and religious oppression in the Sudan, Iraq, and Vietnam. One representative from the Sudan who fled her country with four children shared her personal testimony.

Happy Parents' Day was sung three times and a cake was cut together by the honorees who were deeply moved to be recognized by the Parents' Day Coalition. The program gave us an excellent opportunity to meet those people in the state who are truly dedicated to parenting and family values.

At 3:00 PM as we looked toward the heavens four parachutists descended from the sky which signaled the beginning of our mini - Olympics. Keiko Foss did an excellent job organizing games for the children with red, white and blue ribbons for the winners.

The program ended with a talent contest that included Chinese children dancing and their singing parents who are students at North Dakota State University.

This event really touched the heart of North Dakotans. After the program the honorees said that next year they would do all they could to help the Parents Day program. God sent the most able committed people to meet us through this event.

Coincidentally, the following Tuesday at the state fair in Bismark a Parenting Day was also held. Booths were set up representing various different organizations that supported parenting in the state.

Our most humble gratitude to our True Parents for their never ending prayer and concern for America. Even though our small North Dakota family was so busy preparing for upcoming events, because of our True Parents prayer and sacrifice, the spirit world was so active. God had prepared everything and all he needed from us was a "Yes, I'll do it" and everything fell into place very quickly.

A special thanks to Michael Smith and Dr. Grant also for the excellent packets they provided us. They were filled with great information that could empower anyone to pull off a program by following the model they created.

Again all glory to God, and True Parents for the successful Parents' Day celebration in the state of North Dakota!!!


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