Articles From the July 1995 Unification News


ICC Veteran Hits the Road Again

by Dan Fefferman

Rev. Levy Daugherty, who taught seminars and led international tours for thousands of Christian ministers during the 1980s, hit the road again last month to bring the message of Blessing `95 to clergy throughout the nation.

Rev. Daugherty's primary audience is ministers who participated in the International Conferences for Clergy (ICC) during the period of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's unjust conviction in a US court and his tragic incarceration in Danbury Prison. Churches throughout the nation, including the National Council of Churches, strongly protested the conviction.

"These ministers stood with Father during his time of trial," said Rev. Daugherty, of Norfolk, Virginia, "and now he and Mother Moon are extending their hands to them in blessing."

Blessing `95 marks the first time that the Blessing, which is the most sacred ceremony in Unification Church tradition, has been opened to members of other churches in large numbers. The ceremony is believed to confer God's special blessing of love on couples and their future descendants. Until 1992, it was open to Unification Church members only.

"Today God has opened wide the gates of the Blessing," continued Rev. Daugherty, "and Rev. Moon especially want those who supported him during the Danbury episode to be among the first the receive it."

"Many of these ministers came to Korea, studied the Principle and cried out to God with us at the Rock of Tears. For many of them, the Rock of Tears was a life-changing experience. Those memories are embedded deeply in their hearts and minds."

The Rock of Tears is a place of pilgrimage for Unificationists, where Rev. Moon spent many long hours in tearful prayer as a young man. Groups of ministers climbed the hill on which the rock sits in order to participate in a prayer vigil as part of the ICC conferences which Rev. Daugherty helped lead.

"These ministers understand Rev. Moon's heart and experience," said Rev. Daugherty. "When I explain the Blessing and tell them that the way is open for them, they get really excited, even to the point of shedding tears in gratitude."

"Last night in Mobile," he said in phone interview, "twelve ministers came, and every one of them signed up to attend the Blessing. The previous night in Miami, we had about 35 ministers attend."

The current whirlwind tour will take Levy Daugherty to more than 25 cities in July and August, spending just one evening in each city.

"Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I'm not sure what state I'm in," Levy jokes. "But this is a new era, and God is providing lots of extra energy. As the old spiritual says: `I Don't Feel Noways Tired!"


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