Articles From the July 1995 Unification News


Study In Korea Program - Changing of the Guard

This year we have witnessed many staff changes in our dormitory and school life. Beginning last September, Steve and Jerry Tamayo came from America to be dorm parents and teaching staff. They are replacing us, the Allans, who are going to New Zealand for hometown providence after 3 inspiring years here. Steve and Jerry are dedicated to your child's spiritual development, their academic advancement and their general well-being. Under their guidance, daily morning and evening services, pledge on Sundays, homework and Divine Principle study, and the chores, the dormitory is truly one family. As of writing we are still waiting to hear who the next couple will be to bring staff up to full strength. October saw the arrival of Mr. Young Whi Lee and his wife, a 430 couple, as head dormitory parents. They replaced Mrs. Gertrud Koch who served for 8 years as dormitory mother. We are very grateful for the guidance that Mrs. Koch gave staff and students alike. She is now working on behalf of the Blessed Family Department in New York. Also in America, Steve and Noriko Wright have turned over their duties as liaison staff to Tom and Carolyn Burkholder in Peekskill, New York. The Wrights were dorm parents here for 3 years, after which they worked on behalf of the program from America for a further 3 years, primarily taking responsibility for student applications, liaisoning with parents and program finances. We really appreciated their internal guidance and practical assistance and know that the success of the program is largely dependent upon the dedication of people like the Wrights who gave 100% to enable us to do our job. To all of you, a big thank you very much.


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