Articles From the July 1995 Unification News


Blessing Video Saved Marriage

by David Rosenblum

I am meeting on a monthly basis with my contacts over breakfast at a local restaurant. Recently I have been showing the Blessing video in order to get my contacts inspired to go to the Blessing.

At the May meeting, two guests attended and some members from my tribe supported the event. Even though the guests were very good and left inspired, the highlight was a couple whom I have never seen insisting on attending the meeting. I told them that it was a private event and that I would show a video, yet they were welcome to stay. During the video they were talking and didn't seem very interested. However, after both left, the woman came back with tears in her eyes and explained that they came here to discuss the details of their divorce. But after watching the video, they realized that it was better for them to stay together.

At the June meeting last Saturday, five guests attended and were again supported by members of my tribe. The discussion after the video was very deep. The guests had a lot of questions about the Church, the controversies, etc. They all have been invited to attend the Blessing seminars.

Reprinted from "American Neighborhood"


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