Articles From the June 1995 Unification News


Living Space Needed in NYC

by David Hager-Hong Kong

Jennifer Tai Yan and her husband are the first native mainland Chinese couple to be blessed in China. They live in Beijing where Jennifer teaches English. They were blessed by photo in 1992, being unable to leave China. Their story and faith are deeply moving but too long to share in detail here. Jennifer has been accepted at Columbia University in the graduate school of journalism. Total cost for one year is unspeakable. She has a small scholarship and little money of her own. Several families here are giving cash donations to enable her to attend, but one of the biggest things that would help would be housing in the New York area.

Is there anyone who would be in a position to provide free or nearly free space to this wonderful sister for up to a year (her husband is not coming)?? She is one of the most serving and pure hearted people I have ever met. I have known her for 4 years and can confidently say that I would even be willing to pay for the privilege of having her stay in our home, if my home were in the city where she needs to be.

It would be great if any blessed couple or other member could help in this way. Don't worry if your home is humble or has little space. Having seen her place in Beijing, I can say that a even a relative dump in New York will be an improvement over what she is used to. If you know anyone who might be able to help, please let me know.

David Hager, Hager and Associates Limited, Prince's Building, Suite 1408, Central, Hong Kong. Email:; Alt. Email: Tel (852) 2987 7454. Fax (852) 2987 1962


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