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Position Available Teaching International Youth in Korea

The Study-in-Korea program is looking for a vibrant couple to join the staff team as teacher(s) and dorm parents for the School term beginning the end of August 1995. The dynamic couple Steve and Jerry Tamayo will comprise the other half of the team. They have been in Korea for the past year learning "the ropes" from Malcolm and Suemi Allan, who will be leaving Korea this summer, when their visas expire, after serving the program for the past three years.

The job would include teaching Math and preferably also English Literature or Social Studies at the 7th and 8th grade levels, as well as caring for teenagers from around the globe. This includes spiritual guidance as well as religious education. One member of the couple should have a college degree and be capable of teaching Math. It is preferred that one member of the couple has some knowledge of Korean and/or Japanese, though it is not required.

It is an exciting and challenging position which requires a real love for and rapport for children. Your couple should have a strong internal life of faith, with which you can create a nurturing environment in which to stimulate the growth of both the intellectual and internal selves of the children.

Interviews will begin soon, as it is an immediate position. It is preferable that at least one person go by mid-summer, in order to attend a short orientation, conducted by Malcolm and Suemi.

For applications or to make an interview appointment, contact: Tom or Carolynn Burkholder, 1245 Jackson St., Peekskill, NY 10566: (914) 734- 7009.


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