Articles From the June 1995 Unification News


Happy Anniversary!

by Malcolm & Suemi Allan, Steve & Jerry Tamayo

Our students celebrated the 41st anniversary of the founding of HSA- UWC by attending the service at Olympic Park on April 30. Although we didn't participate so much, we were able to watch a video of Kwon Jin Nim and Sun Jin Nim's Holy Blessing. Just to see that and True Parents on video was a tremendous blessing in itself. Everyone in attendance was inspired to watch such a heavenly event, and many times enthusiastic applause rippled through the packed stadium. Entertainment for the day was a tug-of-war competition between teams from the regional churches. The foreign members' team lasted about three seconds before being yanked off its feet. I guess we need to eat some more rice and kimchi!

Meanwhile, at school our Middle School students have finished their tests and have begun to prepare for the next round before the summer holidays, now only two months away. The Study-in-Korea Program students will also have finished their tests while this newsletter is on its way to you and their final tests are now only six weeks away.

Now that it is springtime we are able to get out a lot more. This month we went to Chonmasan on Children's Day with about 20 Korean students and on May 11 we had a school picnic "down by the riverside" where a replica of Admiral Lee Sun Sin's turtle boat is moored. Although they advertise rides, they weren't available the day we went, to the great disappointment of all. However, we did get to spend an hour cycling in Yoido Plaza, which was thoroughly enjoyed.

We have heard that there are 43 applications for the Study-in-Korea Program in the 1995/1996 academic year and we hope to know soon how many can come to Korea. We are still looking for staff, however, to replace the Allans when they leave at summer to return to New Zealand. If you know of any suitable couple who have the desire and capability to take care of and educate second-generation children here in Korea, then please don't hesitate to contact us right away.


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