Articles From the June 1995 Unification News


Encouraging Response to Publication of Principle for Children

Ray & Kathy Sabo-Lyndhurst, NJ

In the April Unification News we announced the publication of the Principle Study Book and Workbook Set. The responses from the books have been very favorable. We were pleasantly surprised when people started calling that heard about or saw someone's book. Some people even read about it on the Internet. The order forms being returned are increasing so that we are finding out that people are inspired about the books. The following are some responses:

* My child picks it up on his own and reads it. Later, he asks questions about what he read. The books sparked his curiosity and it has been so inspiring to hear his questions and discuss the Divine Principle with him. (New Jersey)

* We have been waiting for something like this. Thank you so much for the books. We are going to include it in our home schooling lessons. (California)

* We are enjoying the books. We like to go over the questions in the workbook. (New York)

* These books are not only for children! I started reading it and was amazed at how inspiring it was. The illustrations explain a lot. (New Jersey)

* It is not at all boring. (New Jersey)

* This book can be read over and over again. (New Jersey)

* It's nice to have activities that relate to the Divine Principle. It would have taken me a long time to think of so many activities. Now, I can pick and choose what to do with the children. (New York)

* I have been thinking about making something like this myself but I never had the time or ability. Thank you. (Michigan)

* I want to order three more sets so I can give one to my daughter for her birthday and to other people. The books are great. I'm going to tell others about them. (Texas)

* Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for creating the Principle Study for Children and Youth! It's EXCELLENT! You light up our lives! Can't wait for Part Two. (New York)

We want to thank everyone that has ordered the books and thank those that passed along the order forms. It is our sincere desire that each and every child, parent, and brother or sister be uplifted and moved by the Principle Study Book and Workbook Set. We hope to finish Part Two by the end of the summer.


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