Articles From the May 1995 Unification News


Blessed Children Become Arizona Trendsetters

by Mark Anderson-Phoenix, AZ

Father's vision for blessed children is that they develop into people of great heart, vision and action. This is the goal for the blessed children of Arizona, and to accomplish that goal they have formed a new club called Trendsetters Club.

Trendsetters are people who lead others-not content to follow what the "crowd" is doing. Trendsetters set the pattern and lead by example.

The Trendsetter Club members combine study, community service and fun in order to develop their minds, hearts and wills and become the best they can be.

After studying about great people in history who set new trends with their courage, heart and dedication, the Trendsetters decided to put their studies to work with a project to help the providence in Africa.

In the nation of Zambia, in the town of Kabwe, an African blessed couple are working together to teach the Principle and prepare new members to attend the next Blessing in August. Their main challenge is finding resources.

Enter the Trendsetters. The founding members Kendra Anderson (11), Nedd Anderson (9), Jennifer Nakao (10), Joey Nakao (11) and Andrea Bolton (6) got to work.

Their first project was to sell jewelry door-to-door. Then they switched to candy and did better. The next project was a bake sale held in front of Wal-Mart. It was a great success. The Easter holiday provided the chance to do a flower stand.

Already $1,000 has been sent to help the members in Kabwe. The Trendsetters found out what they can do if they try. They also discovered it can be fun working together to help others.

If you would like to help them reach their goal of $2,000, you may send a donation to Africa Project , c/o WFWP of Arizona, P.O. Box 48, Phoenix, AZ 85001.


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