Articles From the May 1995 Unification News


True Love Connection

Purpose: To provide a network of like-minded individuals to develop friendships with the ultimate possibility of future Blessings.

To respond to a personal: please send your letter sealed in a stamped, unaddressed envelope. Place this first envelope into a 2nd stamped envelope, and address it to:

TLC#0000 c/o 9515 Howes Road Dunkirk, MD 20754

Be sure to include the TLC code # (like the example above) that appears at the end of each personal ad you are responding to.

To place an ad, send your typed ad to: TLC at the above address (no code #). It must arrive by the first day of each month. You can use these simple abbreviations:

S Single
D Divorced
WW Widowed
M Male
F Female
B Black
W White
H Hispanic
A Asian
P Professional
N/S Non-Smoking
ISO In Search Of

All correspondence is confidential and will be directed to the TLC # on the front of the envelope. This publication and TLC assumes no leability for the content or reply for any personal advertisement.

Placement and responses to ads are free. For questions other than responding to an ad, mail your correspondence to:

TLC c/o 9515 Howes Road Dunkirk, MD 20754

Personal Ads True Love

Haven't given up? Neither have I! DWPM 5'11", 180, Single Dad w/2 Korean/American daughters, 8 and 6, ISO SF 30-40. Mother for kids and True Love for US. Please send letter about yourself.

TLC #0001

Let's Talk

SWF, 46, loves kids, sharing adventures--seeking SM for eternal relationship. N/S, drug free, willing to commit and able to enjoy life. TLC #0002

Down to Earth

SBF, 46, Quest times, walking and movies, seeking N/S, drug free SM, Older, Warm Hearted, Understanding, Honest and Marriage-minded. TLC #0003

Spiritual and Progressive

Attractive, successful, fit SWF, 44, rich in love for people, life, music, art, nature, truth, culture and healing. Seeking a masculine complement, a person who can share joy, peace and sharing that an honest relationship can bring. UC member since 1974.

Sincerely Yours

SWF, 39. Tall, queen-size woman looking for her long lost king. I'm giving, thoughtful, loving, with a great sense of humor. Interests are literature, languages, writing, spirituality and healing arts. ISO tall, strong man who is honest, communicative and loving. UC member since 1972. TLC #0005

SWPM 40, Strong, passionate, caring, focused. . . Loves the outdoors, gardening, water, music. . .ISO SF partner to build healthy, spiritual life. Note and photo please. TLC #0006

Educated, Tall, Spiritual

DWF seeks academic or professional 44-54 for long-term relationship based on integrity, compassion and growth. Single father o.k. I am artictic, international, attractive and health conscious. Dare to venture into the unknown and live your dream. Let's celegrate life! N/S, drug free. Please send letter and photo. TLC #0007

SWF 40, who desires to create a family rooted in God and high moral values. . . Loves children and the creation. . . Also enjoys music and sports. ISO True Love with righteous man who wants children and family life. UC member since 1974. TLC #0008


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