Articles From the May 1995 Unification News


Utterances From The Promoters Of Paranoia

A dear friend recently sent UNews a copy of a news brief that appeared just last month in Agri News, a paper published in Texas:

Do You Know A Cultist?

The government definition of a cult, provided to Janet Reno by Cult Awareness Network, is as follows: "A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the second coming of Christ; who frequently attends Bible studies; who contributes regularly to a Christian cause, who home schools his children; who has accumulated survival foods and has strong belief in the 2nd Amendment, and who distrusts big government." Abundant Wildlife, Issue 3.

In January of 1989, CAN's Executive Director, Cynthia Kisser, spoke to a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, of how CAN would treat Jesus: "if he were alive now, we'd take an interest in him because of the great controversy surrounding his fringe activities. ... We'd try to see if there was abuse, unethical behavior or deceptive practices. And I'd send whatever we could find to reporters."

During a recent appearance on Nightline, CAN associate, Steve Hassan, stated that the Jehovah's Witnesses were a "destructive cult." In 1989 at a CAN conference Hassan stated that "the Catholic Church is the biggest cult in America."

Herbert Rosedale, President of the American Family Foundation, once described a Unification Church retreat center in an article published in The Times Herald Record as: "a center which spreads physical and emotional disease among its members and infects the community with the results therefrom.


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