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A Future in Music at the University of Bridgeport

by Fred Peipman

Are you dreaming about a career in music? As a performer or possibly a music teacher? Musicians are known to have the highest ratings of job and career satisfaction. Most professional musicians have long and rewarding careers.

Every talented musician considering a career in music education or performance needs motivation, self-discipline and determination to succeed. Each musician must be willing to accept frequent rejection without getting discouraged in return for a few moments of triumph and recognition. The endeavoring musician must be willing to spend hours alone practicing and refining technique. Choosing an instructor as well as an institution is one of the most important considerations a student musician can make. Inspiring teachers in a nurturing environment will support the student's development of professional and artistic expression. If you love music and are willing to work hard, then at the University of Bridgeport you can acquire the training and skills needed to gain a competitive advantage in the music world.

The University of Bridgeport offers the Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Performance and Jazz Studies. In addition, the pursuit of a double major or minor in music is possible, allowing greater flexibility for personal interests and career preparation. As a comprehensive university, it offers a wide variety of academic choices and opportunities available to all students which might not be available in a conservatory setting. The campus is about an hour away from New York City with its myriad of musical and cultural opportunities, which U.B. students frequently take advantage of. Our fine faculty includes professional musicians from all over the world. Our faculty members, who are also active in the professional music world, can offer guidance and advice from first-hand experience. They are also able to remain current with the music world.

The many opportunities for performance at U.B. include the Sinfonietta, World Music Ensemble, Concert Choir, Small Group Jazz Ensembles, Vocal Chamber Singers, Chamber Ensembles (strings, wind, brass), Lab Band, Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble and the Guitar Ensemble. The modern facilities at U.B. include a 1000-seat theater, the Littlefield Recital Hall, the Mather Experimental Theater, rehearsal halls, teaching studios, individual practice rooms, dance studios, a digital piano lab and a Macintosh MIDI lab.

The Department of Music also sponsors many guest artist events such as a concert series featuring weekly performances by guest artists and ensembles as well as performances by faculty and student groups. In addition, the Music Department sponsors the annual Andre and Clara Mertens Contemporary Composer Festival, which brings to the University of Bridgeport campus the most important and influential figures in modern American music. Past guest composers have included Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Ned Rorem, Stephen Sondheim, Dave Brubeck and Virgil Thompson. Students have the opportunity to attend and participate in workshops, seminars, rehearsals and performances of and by the guest composers.

All applicants are required to audition in person or to supply a cassette recording for evaluation purposes. For more information, or application and audition guidelines, please contact the admissions department at:

University of Bridgeport
Office of Admissions126 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06516-2249
Telephone: (203) 576-4552
Fax: (203) 576-4941


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