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Sisters in a Global Family

by Mrs. Motoko Sugiyama-Tokyo, Japan

Respected Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We Japanese women are very honored and happy to attend this special event to start a new era of peace and cooperation between Japan and the U.S. And it is a great pleasure for all of us to visit Washington D.C. As you know, this tour is designed not only to view the sites of your beautiful capital, but also to help cement a "sisterhood" relationship with women of America. This, we hope, will strengthen the ties between our two nations.

In the past half century, Japan has risen from the ruins of World War II to achieve its position as an economic giant by accepting the miracle of restoration and development.

Obviously, this achievement was possible because of the generous and friendly support from the U.S. It was based on democratic ideals of the post war period. Throughout this period the U.S. has played an important role in every aspect of international leadership.

Today most serious problems facing the world stem from the confusion of morality and ethics. Individuals and families who are damaged by this confusion inevitably lead their nations astray.

We understand teenage pregnancy, single motherhood and out-of-wedlock children have reached epidemic proportions in the United States. We see the same trend beginning in Japan and other nations as well.

In such a serious situation, you are creating a totally new trend in America called, "purity is stylish." Purity can and should be stylish. It is certainly good news for the world that the American people are rediscovering the value of family, the sanctity of marriage and the value of remaining pure before marriage.

I strongly believe that America has a great mission, which is to help lead an ethical renaissance in today's world. Why? Behind the prosperity America achieved in just over two hundred years lies the Christian and democratic spirit of the founding fathers, who were driven to the New World by their desire to worship God.

We hope that by meeting with you American women leaders, who are creating the current of the times, we will also be enlightened and empowered to face difficulties back in Japan.

Facing the 21st century, many people call this, the time of the Global Family. The world grows smaller geographically. But for humanity to live like a family, transcending race, language and culture, it needs a system of universal ethical values.

The Women's Federation for World Peace believes ethics should be centered on what we call "Godism," a common ideal for humanity. As historian Arnold Toynbee mentioned, "In order to realize the final peace of the world, there is no way but to know that mankind forms a substantial family with one invisible parent."

We believe individuals should make their own consciences straight so they can become husbands and wives capable of creating a good family, society, nation and world.

From such a perspective, it is clear that women play a huge role in building a family, which, in turn, is the foundation for world peace. It is us women who should lead the world to peace by having a true ethic and a clear vision of the future.

As the scripture says, "Exchange sword with plow and never learn about fighting." Let us cooperate hand in hand to build an everlasting peace. The women of the U.S. and Japan are uniquely poised to provide leadership in today's world.

Through this sisterhood relationship, let us work together to reach out to the Global Family with a broad vision.

I pray for God's blessing on each of you and your family. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Mrs. Sugiyama is the President of WFWP-Japan.


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