Articles From the March 1995 Unification News


Chicago Area Summer Camp

by Erich Scharf-Gilman, IL

Last summer I volunteered to take care of Region 5 workshop site. I fundraise with flowers on the weekends, and during the week I prepare to give lectures and work on the workshop buildings and grounds.

We have a three-acre lake with large bass and catfish. Right now is really the foundation-making time to prepare the facilities externally and internally.

I hope to be able to give lectures to many guests, and to make a beautiful atmosphere here step by step. My address is Erich Scharf, R.R. 1, Box 191; Gilman, IL 60938; (815) 265-8290.

I asked our Regional Director and he said that fundraising teams are more than welcome to stay here when they are in the area. We are about 70 miles south of Chicago on Route 57. So please feel free to stop by. The fishing is great!


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