Articles From the March 1995 Unification News


IRFF-UK Update

by Chris D. Hays-London, UK

These are two profiles of work that IRFF is accomplishing in Eastern Europe.

Kiev, Ukraine

Aiding two care institutions, one hospital for the disabled and one clinic for trauma/cancer victims of Chernobyl. Six shipments of supplies, valued at # 49,725 since May 1994.

The Kiev Children's Fund is home to some 135 children raging in age from newborn to 5 years. Residents are those afflicted with cancers, autism, mental disorders, spina bifida and handicaps.

Insufficient heating in this hospital and old worn out electrical works makes for a cold and dark home. Founded by the state in 1947, KCF was formerly known as the State Hospital no. 101, Kiev. Psychological research is carried out at the hospital for diabetic patients and viral infections. Most of the children hail from lone parents.

Our IRFF-UK supplies, like dry-zone creams, antiseptic lotions and lemsips have contributed greatly to the establishment of more secure western lines of procurement. This in turn, builds bridges between the end-user and our stakeholders for IRFF.

St. Pertersburg, Russia

Aiding two care institutions, one school for the blind and one clinic for contagious diseases. Five relief aid shipments valued at #31, 330.00 wholesale since Sept. 94.

Most of the children who are in the half-blind school called the "School for Life" (total enrollment, 97) come from broken homes and families, the minorities, etc. Alcoholism by these children's parents has had the knock-on effect of damage to over 70 % of the enrolled youths' liver function. The School for Life helps rehabilitate kids from large families, as well as aiding foster families. In February 1991 the School was registered, acting in accordance with the International Convention on children's rights, Geneva.

Statistics accurate as of January 31, 1995.

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