Articles From the March 1995 Unification News


Inter-racial Marriages

by Gabrielle Hitchye-Lakewood, CO

My husband and I (interracial couple, I am from Luxembourg, Europe, my husband is African-American, 1275 Blessing in 1989) went through many difficulties, and suffering which I feel is mostly related to our ancestors, to our history. With a lot of perseverance, we are overcoming step by step.

I have a strong desire to create a bond of heart with all the African- American/white couples here in America, that we can get to know each other, pray for each other, help each other in any possible way, and lay also a better foundation for other future African-American/white couples.

My address is: Eddie & Gabrielle Hitchye; 1731 Fenton Street; Lakewood, CO 80214. Phone: (303) 274-4763.

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