Articles From the March 1995 Unification News


Notes on Young Whi Kim's `95 Blessing Talk

Farley Jones

During the Leader's Conference associated with this past God's Day in Korea, Betsy and I were privileged to hear a rich presentation by Reverend Young Whi Kim on various aspects of principled life, including family. His remarks are summarized in the adjoining article which I commend to your reading.

Young Whi Kim is one of Father's first disciples, a man of deep heart and thoughtful mind. I found his words very substantial, challenging and precious.

By now many members will be engaged in the campaign for the August Blessing. I would like to share the four goals that I have adopted for this campaign.

My first prayer is that we can do whatever is necessary to get ourselves empowered. We need to come to a point of clear conviction over what is being offered through True Parents the Blessing and the Unification Movement.

Secondly, of course we want to bring thousands of people to the Blessing. As you know, our specific goal for the United States is 40,000 couples. That is a big challenge, but reachable if each couple were to raise up 12 other couples. Let each of us set that as our personal goal.

Thirdly, I intend that the Blessing '95 campaign will continue the process of resurrecting True Parents' name in the United States and worldwide.

Finally, I am praying that through this campaign and the Blessing itself we can offer substantial liberation and spiritual elevation to the people who participate, so that this campaign actually will be a great blessing to the participants and our nation.

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