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New Book Release: Karl Leonhardtsberger. Adoration Art: The Unity of the Sacred and the Natural. Frankfurt/Main: KANDO, 1992.

Adoration Art: A Guide for Discovering Your Original Artistic Nature by Dietrich Seidel-Barrytown, NY

Even a cursory reading of Karl Leonhardtsberger's book Adoration Art reveals that the author expects the reader to take an artistic vantage point for exploring the unique features of Adoration Art.

In my opinion, this book intends not only to provoke and stimulate the reader but also to motivate him to unearth the often hidden reality of his artistic disposition to life. Rather than presenting an academic treatise discussing a new theoretical approach to art, Leonhardtsberger chooses to present the tenets of Adoration Art in a carefully arranged sequence of personal insights expressed in lucid paragraphs. It seems to me that such a format is quite effective for engaging the reader in a dialogue with the author. It allows the audience to get in touch with its own opinion on the subject in question. We are, in a sense, invited to recreate the meaning of Adoration Art for ourselves. Thus, Leonhardtsberger's book can also be seen as a guide for meditating on the ultimate significance of art and what it means for effectively reshaping our lives.

To me, Adoration Art identifies the power of integration as one of its dominant themes. That is to say, Adoration Art is that human endeavor which holds the potential to bridge Eastern and Western cultures, in addition to mediating between the spiritual and physical realms. Leonhardtsberger says: "I believe the philosophy of Adoration Art is a new concept, enveloping both Eastern and Western ideas. It contains within itself the power to bridge the gap between opposing art forms, thus bringing about a new and higher development in art. I assume that the two main streams of art-forms also exist in oriental culture. One form addresses itself more toward heaven, the other deals more with earthly things." Here the mediating power of Adoration Art becomes an instrument for a new synthesis of various art forms which is rooted in the acknowledgment of God as the one supreme being.

In my view, Adoration Art represents a unique application of Unification Thought to the field of art in terms of raising the consciousness of both artists and art-lovers to see all of existence as an ongoing process of creating beauty and responding to beauty. Within that process, all human beings are to be respected as artists, whether on a potential or actual level. In exploring the uniqueness of human creativity, Adoration Art leads the reader to a deeper understanding of what it means to be created as a true partner for God. It seems to me that Leonhardtsberger succeeds not only with his initial intention to offer his reflections and notes "as a philosophical foundation for art with God at the center," but he also provides significant pastoral guidance for the readers of Adoration Art as they enter the process of discovering their original God-given artistic nature.

You can order the book Adoration Art from Life Enrichment Enterprises, P.O. Box 52, Barrytown, NY 12507, for $12 plus $3 s+h. For more information, call Elisabeth Seidel (914) 758-4137.


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