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Family Federation Section

Welcome to the Inaugural Family Federation section in the Unification News. This section will be devoted each month to Family Federation matters. There is so much to understand about the providential history and purpose of the Family Federation. In this regard, I think you will find the adjoining article by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak to be illuminating.

As you will see, the Family Federation is not the family-level counterpart to the Women's or Youth Federation. It is an association for Blessed Couples/Tribal Messiahs.

Then what is the Family Federation to do? In a broad sense, it is to provide encouragement, education, stimulation and support to families in their efforts to fulfill the goals and ideals of the Family Pledge. That Pledge of course has internal (focused on family dynamics and the realms of heart) and external (focused on mission) dimensions and so will the work of the Family Federation. Over time, we will need to promote materials and programs related to family education, including husband-wife relations, parenting and second-generation education; also, the Federation will need to develop in such a way as to assist us all in reaching out to and educating our friends, relatives and communities. Father's specific goal for all of us is the restoration of 160 families.

Development will depend on us all. I hope the FFUWP will be a forum for the pooling of the great strengths of our membership so that we may fulfill the ideals of the Pledge and so that God's Providence in America may benefit.

So let us take seriously the words of the Pledge. Certainly they were taken seriously when they were given to us.

I have already been contacted by some couples who have various projects and ideas percolating. I would like to use this page each month to publicize your insights and activities so that we can inspire and empower each other. Please be in touch.


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