Unification News for January 1995


God's Day in Region 6, Minneapolis

by Jim Bard-Minneapolis, MN

Nearly 30 families, 10 from out of state, came to the Minneapolis center this year to participate in the God's Day festivities. Led by our Regional Director, Rev. Hun Suk Lee, we all had a joyful time.

We began with the midnight pledge and prayer service, after which Rev. Lee spoke to us about the meaning of God's Day and the theme of past yearly mottoes. The live fireworks from nearby downtown seemed fittingly to complement the spiritual fireworks in our center.

At 7am we again bowed and pledged-this time in white robes. Rev. Lee spoke to us about the meaning of this year's motto; awards were given to families showing exemplary service and dedication in 1994. Children bowed to their parents; group pictures were taken; and then we all greeted one another before sharing a wonderful breakfast.

At 9:30am we had a talent contest and anonymous gift exchange. Every individual or family introduced themselves, offered their greeting to the rest of us, and then gave some performance. There were cash prizes given to the seven top performances, highlighted by a guest performance by Neil Diamond on a Karaoke machine, and the singing Van Ikeno family from Milwaukee.

After lunch most of us took a quick trip to the Bahamas, or at least what seemed like the Bahamas. Our afternoon outing brought us to the tropical paradise of the Shoreview Community Center with its beautiful swimming and wading pools, waterslide and whirlpool, all in a warm 78- degree environment (which was about 70 degrees warmer than outside!) with lush greenery and a gurgling brook. What a way to start the new year! We all enjoyed the opportunity to chat and relax with one another; the children of every age had lots of fun in the pool and on the waterslide, and it is amazing how much closer we felt to one another after a healthy game of "rugby" water-basketball. After a few hours we returned to the center for a delicious dinner, a report from the Dec. 22 meeting with Father, more entertainment, a yute game, Monopoly, and more catching up for those who remained. All thanks to Heavenly Father for a joyful and united beginning to the new year- God's Day 1995!


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