Articles From the December 1994 Unification News


Introducing Rev. Farley Jones

Mrs. Nora Spurgin
President of the Women's Federation for World Peace

I've known Rev. and Mrs. Jones for many, many years. In fact, at the beginning I was studying Divine Principle here in New York City, and one night while I was hearing a lecture, there was a phone call from Farley Jones, and he was calling to find out when he could come and hear a lecture. I've known him ever since the very beginning. We both joined here in New York City.

After Mr. Jones joined the church, he became a pioneer in Berkeley, California working with Dr. Ang there. That was his first experience in the church, and his first experience witnessing. After that he moved to Washington, D.C., where he became the president of HSA. He was the president when Father began to work here in America. It was Mr. Jones who helped to set things up when Father first came to America. Actually it was a big transition to have Father working here with us.

After that, of course, Farley had many different missions. He was an IOWC commander, both in America and England. Mr. Jones also has a tremendous ability to write. He has a very clear, organized writing. Many of us have, whether we knew it or not, deeply benefited from the work that he offered to the church in the form of writing. He was the author and editor of the Home Study Course. He desired to make a very clear, succinct version of the truth of the Principle that could reach the American people, to give them an overview of the Principle. Certainly the Home Study Course is that and is very well written. He has had some numerous other works. He was very instrumental in helping me do the Insight booklet. Rev. Jones also was a member of the second class at the seminary.

Perhaps the richest experience in terms of preparing him for the Family Federation leadership is his hometown work. He went to his hometown thirteen years ago. Those of us who've gone out more recently know it is not easy and it is not short-term work. It's long-term, laying foundations, digging in the roots, and then bringing those roots to fruition. In the last few years the Joneses have been able to bring very many results there. In fact, I want to mention that last weekend, they had a workshop in their home, with twenty five guests. Here is one couple with a few other couples in Albany who brought twenty-five guests to their home and had a one-day workshop. To me that is what hometown providence - tribal messiahship - is all about, and they are a couple who really do represent a great victory on that level.

As State Leader couple of New York, they did tremendous work to make Mother's and True Childrens' speeches successful in Albany and throughout the state. I do deeply appreciate the work that they have done there spiritually. When Mr. Jones went to Albany, he first finished up law school, and then he took a position with his family's law practice.

Mr. Jones is not alone. I think we all know Mrs. Jones very well. She's been by his side all these years. She too has been very active in the church and has had many missions. For a number of years she was an itinerant worker traveling around the country helping people. That role was certainly not easy, as it required her to leave her children and husband for a period. Then, she worked in the Blessed Family Department for many years. She and I changed hats many times, but one of us was always in the Blessed Family Department.

The Joneses are a 777 Couple, blessed in 1970, and they are the parents of five children. They are the most beautiful kids and wonderful family. I am always so impressed with their children. Their son Matthew is at Williams College and their daughter Cara is at Princeton, and that daughter is now on a temporary leave of absence from school to join the Special Task Force out in Chicago - a wonderful girl. There are two children who are in Korea right now. So they only have one child at home now, the others are scattered around the country in different missions.

I am often impressed with the things the children do. A couple of years ago when they were all home, the two older children would gather all the younger ones every night and have a prayer meeting. It was their own prayer meeting. They just took the initiative to do these spiritual things. I remember Cara, their daughter, when she was ready to graduate from high school, she felt she wanted to share the Principle with her friends. She invited eight friends to come to their house, and she taught the Divine Principle to them. So these are the kind of children they've raised. I feel they have the real capacity to raise us as part of their family as well.

The things that I've been telling you are part of their tribal messiahship. Further, they have been the State Leaders in upstate New York. The key to that position was their having established tribal messiahship, and becoming really solid in their community, and from that they could come back and offer leadership to the church. I feel that that is really a model for all of us. Sometimes when we go out to do tribal messiahship and we have to put a lot of energy into just getting established out there it seems as if we've almost left the church. It's not true, but we do have to focus on establishing ourselves. Then once we get established, we come and offer leadership for the church. I think it's a beautiful model. That leads them right into the Family Federation. I feel that with Mr. and Mrs. Jones working in the Family Federation and Mrs. Jones responsible for the Blessed Family Department, there is a solid couple at the helm of this church. And I am deeply grateful for their faithfulness throughout the years, for their love for True Parents, and for their willingness to take responsibility. I'd like to introduce now Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Thank you very much.


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