Articles From the December 1994 Unification News


Aetna Springs Harvest Carnival

by Casey Cox

The 2nd Annual Aetna Springs Harvest Carnival took place Oct. 30 under sunny skies in Pope Valley. It was bigger and better than last year thanks in part to a parent from the local area who placed a free advertisement in the St. Helena Star. About 20 families from the Northern California church came as well as 10 families from the local community. There were various games for the children, a hot dog lunch, and a costume contest, as part of the afternoon festivities. There were about 50 children and 30 parents in all.

Because of our involvement in the various advisory committees at the local school, we have been able to develop good relationships with many people in the community. Kent Stuth, Aetna Springs Golf Course manager, has been cultivating friendships for several years and is now running for the School Board. He started out three years ago on the School Site Council. Mary Larson and Casey Cox are now members of the School Site Council which oversees school spending. Robin Cox serves on the Community Services committee, which fundraises for school activities. Casey is also on a committee which is helping the school obtain a $65,000 computer system. By volunteering our time and showing ourselves to be responsible members of our community, we have gained a lot of trust from local residents. We have found that when our blessed children excel academically and are well-liked by their classmates, their parents really respond to our values and show an interest in getting to know us better. So through the second generation, we are reaching the parents.

The Harvest Carnival and similar events have helped the people we've met feel welcome and comfortable at Aetna Springs. At the carnival, parents manned the game booths where the children earned tickets for prizes. Joel Larson and Kim Dodge put their catering skills to work as they prepared and served lunch for 80. The prize booth was one of the most crowded as the children clamored to trade in their tickets for various candy and toy prizes. Old friends had a chance to share in conversation and enjoy the costume contest while a few of the dads played a couple of rounds of golf.

Casey and Robin Cox would like to extend a warm thank you to all those parents who lent their support in various ways to make the entire event a success. A wonderful time was had by all and plans are already underway for the next event-which may be a winter carnival to be held indoors sometime around God's Day.


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