Articles From the December 1994 Unification News


National BFD Active in NY

by Betsy Jones

The National Blessed Family Department under the guidance of Reverend Joong Hyun Pak is now making plans and strategies for the success of the upcoming blessing in August, 1995.

To accomplish America's goal of 40,000 couples, it will take each of our investment. At a recent leader's conference, Father spoke about accomplishing his goal of educating 160,000 Japanese women. He said when he gave himself completely to the task, the numbers began to gradually increase. He also said if we only take care of our own family, it is like a branch not connected to the root. If we practice going beyond our family at this providential time in preparing individuals and couples for this historical event, it will only bring life nourishment and deeper connection between our family and True Family.

Our regional Blessed Family Department representatives are available for education and guidance. In addition, we have set up some subcommittees to provide information and support on a number of specific areas, such as Second Generation, Seung Hwa ceremonies, infertility/adoption, and more.

I can be contacted at National Headquarters on Mondays and Tuesdays, (212) 997-0050, ext. 209. When I'm not available, Lynn Mathers, Assistant Director, can be reached Monday through Friday at ext. 700 to help you.

Betsy Jones is the Director of the National Blessed Family Department


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