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Melting the Heartbeat in Rwanda

by R. Therese Guevara-Berkeley, CA

Leading a rich, spiritual life while at the same time dying a little bit each day is my heavenly mantle for eternal success.

Failing to become a Missionary in 1975, I began to pray for the missionaries' cause in their foreign lands as though it were mine. By forgetting self and focussing on them an on-going relationship of heart could grow for their victory. As time went on the African Missionaries intentions, besides the CIS cause, became my specific prayer points. Without permission I adopted my old roommate in Barrytown before the missionaries left in 1975, Mary Bizot and her husband Joseph and their little girl, as symbolic missionaries for all the African Continent. I did the same for the CIS intentions, symbolically using Jack and Rene Corley and Dr. Seuk for all the unknown missionaries there.

Continuing news was manifesting every week about Rwanda and sensing danger, I thought my prayers became more fervent. Mistakenly I thought it was sufficient. What was my shock to hear their plight was worse than imagined!

Yes, I was asking that they could get help when one of them would have to cross a river infested with alligators; yes, I was asking for their protection against hunger and malaria, yes I was asking for strength to work with difficult Cains and Abels; yes, I was asking for the nurturing of their spiritual children. However these were only some of the issues (which True Parents have been known to help) compared to the reality.

From both sides, the Tutsies and the Hutsies, many were killed, including our memorable Missionary-Leader, VEREDIQUE PARFAIT RWABUHUNGU and his beloved, memorable, 8-month pregnant wife, ARELAN THEOPHILE, formerly of the Philippines. They were in the process of heading for the border Refugee Camps. There is no ambiguousness here regarding the lack of human rights' issues!

Sunday Service Announcement Time at Hearst Center in Berkeley, California, Gary Fleischman, past African Missionary, spoke from his heart about the Philippino Sister who was violently killed and how she had been the beloved Team Mother of their workshop in the Phillippines for him and many others before leaving for distant continents. He begged us to pray for them because they might have trouble making their transition in the spirit world because of the sudden, violent death. After his announcement, Rev. Thompson asked us to pray for them. Words could not come; all I could do was sob my heart out. I was unprepared for this shocking news. Rwanda and its happenings had become an integral part of my life!

How could such a tragedy happen? Why?

It is not known when our prayers will be insufficient to save the life of a brother or sister. Known to me have been past incidences were tragedy was averted as brothers and sisters united in focussed prayer, like the safety of members traveling in icebound conditions. In this Rwanda matter, I was puzzled and realized my prayers were not in any way able to have power over what actually transpired. Perhaps there was still some element lacking in them?

What about the 8-month-old baby prematurely killed in her mother's tummy? Will this baby be able to grow in spirit to perfection? I am certain there are holy plans for this unborn, Blessed Child in heaven. For extenuating circumstances involving the Providence on earth, our True Parents and God have solutions. Faith and confidence in Heavenly solutions is required today in the age of modern-day martyrs. My heart says,


True Parents must make some unbeknown victory out of this.

Enlightenment of the Heavenly Will came, when I could resign myself as much as possible to the Heavenly point of view.

What is not known at the moment is whether the offerings of our brothers and sisters' lives will be the price paid for heavenly victory for their countries later on? If, at a future time, Rwanda flowers in a heavenly manner, the reason for its success will be known and recorded in the archives of heavenly hearts. Martyrdom for one's country will surely manifest into the highest level in the Spiritual World with True Parents!

Many times Father has mentioned the highest place in heaven for Saints, Patriots and Martyrs. Father has also mentioned that the sacrifice of a missionary will be the legacy for his country. What a glorious honor to go as a martyr for one's missionary country!

As the life of supplication continues and I find myself going down the list of points suddenly coming upon Rwandan friends, angst ensues and then I am reduced to tears. God is not through with me. What could possibly be lessons to relearn?

Renewing deeper oneness with the three Holy Songs preceding prayer is only the beginning of this offering directed to God's Heart. Not to stick with my own attitudes and priorities for prayers is next. Definitely to hone motivation and to zoom in on Heavenly Father's heart. Finally, to give with my whole, heart, mind and body in repentance, and in tears and in whatever compassion it takes to reach the Heavenly Team in heaven and earth.

What else might I wish for at this time besides 100% earnest prayers? Will I ever see them face-to-face? In heaven is where I can meet Rwandan friends. Who knows? Maybe we can entertain ourselves with respective cultural songs and dances? Who knows what heavenly experiences of love and joy might transpire? Who really knows?

Veredique Parfait Rwabuhungu
Arelan Theophile
Gaston Mugamage
Severin Hakizimana
Three Still Missing.


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