Articles From the November 1994 Unification News


The Ancestors Rock for Rwanda

Ted O'Grady-New Paltz, NY

On Wednesday night, October 26th, CARP members and friends "Rocked for Rwanda" in the Student Union Building on campus. The benefit concert, sponsored by the SUNY-New Paltz chapter of CARP, raised money for the American Red Cross' International Relief Effort in Rwanda where tribal strife has caused massive famine, disease and death. 200 people rocked to the music of local bands Hector's Nightmare and ?Como Zoo?, and grooved to the melodious tones of feature band, our own Manhattan Center's "The Ancestors" led by Joe Longo & Co.

Despite high production costs, CARP was able to offer several hundred dollars to a very appreciative American Red Cross. Unique to this event was the willing participation and cooperation of UTS students (who helped promote the concert), CARP students on campus, and Manhattan Center professionals (who advertised the concert and provided the incredible sound system and quality entertainment).

The "Rock for Rwanda" benefit concert has had many positive results. A college newspaper reporter upon hearing about CARP's vision for world peace and harmony remarked, "That's the most inspiring thing I've ever heard!" CARP members testified boldly to our True Parents' work and gained a considerable amount of exposure and good will. UTS students have been witnessing on the SUNY-New Paltz campus every week during the fall term and inviting students to campus discussion groups as well as weekend Principle seminars at UTS. Already many students are attending weekly discussion groups regularly, and three students have already attended Principle seminars at UTS with more prepared to attend in the near future. One student, upon hearing the "History of Restoration" lecture burst into tears of repentance for her nation (Japan).

CARP deeply appreciates the sincere and sacrificial efforts of many UTS students and Manhattan Center members who made the event possible. We look forward to great things happening in the near future.


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