Articles From the November 1994 Unification News


Africa Festival Starts CARP at Laney

World CARP activities were kicked off October 12 at Laney College, Oakland, with an "Africa Festival" held in conjunction with the African Student Union. The event also raised donations for the Rwanda relief project, an ongoing charitable effort of CARP California to collect rice, charcoal, blankets and money to help the humanitarian aid outreach in the strife-torn African nation.

[Name will follow,] a local resident who owns an African clothing store loaned exciting traditional clothing which was modeled by friends and students. Pat Fleischmann, a long time Unificationist missionary in Senegal, came and cooked African foods which were sampled and enjoyed by a lunchtime crowd of around 300 curious students. Laney CARP president Lark Roper and Mata Kingi from World CARP San Francisco introduced onlookers to CARP and invited them to participate in upcoming programs.


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