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Insights Into The Afterlife into Second Printing

by Mrs. Nora Spurgin-NYC

Nearly every day one or more orders for the Insights booklet come into the WFWP office. We are most pleased to see this great interest in the booklet, for its creation was the testing of a new way to share universal truth and guide people to have the kind of spiritual goals in life which would enhance life on "the other side."

The first print run of 3,000 has been completely sold, with orders of several hundred awaiting our printing of 4,000. The new booklet carries a new cover design.

Positive response has been overwhelming, giving one cause to believe that, at this time in the history of the evolution of humankind we are not only on the edge, but well into a full-fledged spiritual awakening. People are seeking guidelines and explanation for those insights which are rising up from deep within.

Today we are seeing angel specials, weekly TV angel programs, angel movies and angel books everywhere. Interest in, and experience of, healing, channeling, and spiritual guidance is no longer confined to a growing group of "New Agers" and religious mystics, it is permeating deep into the mainstream of our society. I believe that the "angel explosion" is Christianity's answer to the presence of spirits in returning resurrection. Guardian angels are historically safe-spirits are not. Christianity has sought to protect the believer from the spirit worlds in fear of demonic possession, possible insanity, and contamination of the doctrines which created some level of cohesiveness.

Today, the New Age is not just a group of people with a broader, less formal belief system; the New Age is literally The New Age-a time when God is speaking more directly to his children and bringing them into a new awareness of their spiritual continuity after earth-life and their spiritual life while on earth.

Recently I attended a four-day conference in Washington DC on "Women of Vision: Leadership for a New World." A broad mix of women leaders were there-from Congresswomen to corporate executives-from artists and musicians to yoga instructors, from leftist activists and former radical feminists to teachers and healers.

The common ground was spirituality. It was an open forum to share how God was guiding in their lives and giving them a vision to help lead the world into a more peaceful, more nurturing, safer place for the family of humankind. Absent was the men-bashing; we talked about partnership and complementary relationships. Absent was the hardness and coldness of legalism and goal-directed completion; in its place was a kind of gentle flow from a group of 500 women seeking direction from above and letting themselves flow together in an effort to create a better world.

It was a first-of-its-kind conference based on the vision of one woman, Rama Vernon, who took a bold step to find others who shared her vision.

Throughout the four-day conference, twelve Native American grandmothers sat on the stage in a semicircle offering prayer support for the conference!

There's no doubt in my mind that God is sending down droplets of truth with the angels and spirits like a gentle rain upon us. Many of us are unaware of our watering until the new growth starts sprouting within and around us.

Back to Insights Into The Afterlife! I believe we can use this 30- questions-and-answers booklet to help focus the universal truths and gather the energies around us in order to beam them into clear actions enabling people to live more meaningfully and purposefully.

Readers have written or told us: "I carry Insights with me all the time. I need more because I don't want to let go of my personal copy."

"I gave one to a friend whose father was dying of cancer. She read it and gave it to her father, who had no interest in reading about the afterlife. After reading it, he called and ordered 10 copies to give to his children and relatives."

"Insights is a clear and easy-to-read booklet on the deep questions of life."

"Bravo for writing Insights."

The booklet fills a need for literature which is simple and focuses on addressing specific questions with specific answers. It is not necessary to wade through a lot of extraneous materials to find the basic points, making it a convenient little reference book. So far, its distribution has been through the Church, but it is our hope to begin reaching a wider audience through marketing outside of Church circles. Anyone who is interested in marketing the booklet in your local area, please let me know of your interest.

For your information, the books can be ordered through WFWP for $2.00 plus $1.00 postage and handling for a single copy. Larger orders are 10 booklets for $15.00 plus $3.00 p+h or $125.00 for 100 plus $13 p+h.


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