Articles From the October 1994 Unification News


International Second Generation Workshop

by Matthew Jones-Williamstown, MA

The month of August marked the first-ever international blessed children's workshop. Initiated by Hyo Jin Hyung Nim, the purpose of the workshop was to create a worldwide foundation of unity among the blessed children centering on True Family.

The workshop participants, who came from Korea, America, Europe and Japan, spent the first week in the New Yorker. There we listened to special guest lectures and had group discussions about the situation of blessed children in each country. Then we traveled across the country in vans, eventually flying to Alaska to spend ten wonderful days with True Parents.

Throughout the workshop the True Family showered us with blessing. Father spoke to us four times. He spoke a lot about the blessing and emphasized staying pure. Father spoke very openly about the man's and woman's body and explained how the sexual organ is the center of the universe. Father also asked the Western sisters who could speak Korean, and told them that he is going to match them to Koreans. True Parents then had each person introduce him- and herself and say who their parents were. Then Mother gave each one of us a custom-made Kodiak tee-shirt. As Father was speaking and Mother was there with us listening, I felt that this was really my Father speaking to us as his children. Not only did Father and Mother spend long hours with us, speaking and fishing, but several elder members of the True Family came to share their hearts with us while in New York. Although Hyo Jin Hyung Nim was extremely busy and not in good health, he came and spoke to us four times. At the end of the New York segment, Hyo Jin Hyung Nim invited us to Manhattan Center, where he put on an intense rock and roll concert for us and gave each of us a personally-signed copy of his latest album, "The Pit." In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Hyung Nim sponsored a Yute tournament with large money prizes, and the next day they each came and shared their hearts and personal experiences with us. Hyun Jin Hyung Nim also invited all 64 participants to his company building where he spent the whole day with us-speaking to us, buying us pizza, and singing with us. Hyun Jin Hyung Nim would pick individuals and groups to sing and give big prizes to the group with the most energy and excitement. At the end, Hyun Jin Hyung Nim even got up and sang for us. Also, Kook Jin Hyung Nim invited us to East Garden, where he spoke to us and had each person introduce him- or herself.

Everyone was moved and inspired by all the love True Family gave to us. Their main message to us was that the second generation must become responsible people of true love centered on True Parents and work to bring about the ideal world in True Parents' lifetime.

During the trip cross-country, everyone grew much closer to one another. Although we came from different parts of the world, we did not let the language barrier prevent us from getting to know one another. For instance, the Koreans knew many fun games that we could all play in the van, regardless of language. We also all followed the Korean tradition of calling our elders "hyung" (older brother) and "nuna" (older sister). Little things like this helped us to come closer as brothers and sisters. Although it was hard to communicate deeply in words, by the end there was an incredible bond of love that was created through the communication of the heart.

Once we got to Alaska, Father had a very difficult schedule planned for us. We would wake up at 4:30am and receive a lecture, usually by Rev. Zin Moon Kim, until 7:30am. Then from 8:30am to 6pm we went fishing. Fishing was very challenging. We would be standing up almost all day and sometimes the fish would never bite; it became very frustrating. However, when I finally caught a fish, I learned that if you have the right purpose and motivation, at the end of every hard road there will be a great reward. After returning, we would eat and shower and then receive another lecture from 8pm to 11:30pm. The fishing, combined with the long hours of lecture and little sleep, was very challenging to all of us. However, I was very grateful for this experience because I felt through it, Father wanted us to inherit his tradition, or as he called it, "The Kodiak Spirit." This spirit is what pushes us to overcome our bodies and difficulties to attain our goal and offer it happily to Heavenly Father.

The workshop was a success overall. Everyone came much closer to True Family and to one another. A foundation was created to unite the blessed children all around the world and prepare ourselves to bring great victories to True Parents in the future.  


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