Articles From the September 1994 Unification News


Concentrated Fish Protein from Under-Utilized Fish in Alaska being Delivered to Rwandan Refugee Camps

A shipment of 1500 pounds was delivered to Christian Disaster Response in Winter Haven, Florida for transport to refugee camps in Burundi and Rwanda. The fish protein powder is made from the arrowtooth flounder fish currently under-utilized in Alaska. The concentrated fish powder is being offered to the refugees as a protein supplement. Christian Disaster Response is heavily involved in the refugee relief effort in East Africa. They will be using the protein fish powder along with other special food supplements to nourish the refugees back to health. The fish powder was supplied to Christian Disaster Response by the International Relief Friendship Foundation, a United Nations non- governmental organization founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Alaska fishermen hope that this new product can create a worthwhile use for nearly 400,000 harvestable tons of the arrowtooth flounder in the Gulf of Alaska. Mr. Al Burch, director of the Alaska Draggers Association, said that he "had to tie up his boats because the arrowtooth had spread to all of the fishing locations." It is hoped that this fish can be harvested in large quantities to produce this very unique fish powder and thereby aid millions of people who are in need of a high-value protein food at a low cost.

For the past four years the International Relief Friendship Foundation has been working with International Seafoods of Alaska, Inc. of Kodiak, Alaska to develop this fish protein concentrate in order to provide a high-protein concentrate food for the third world. Recently in a joint effort of: International Seafoods of Alaska; National Marine Fisheries Service Utilization Laboratory in Kodiak; Kodiak Island Chamber of Commerce; Borough, Alfa Laval Industries; and the State of Alaska-the new product was produced with a protein concentrate of 85%. Approximately 40 grams can supply the essential amino acid requirements of a day. The 1500-pound sample shipment will provide the daily essential protein requirement of approximately 15,000 people.

For additional information, call: International Relief Friendship Foundation; contact: Ms. Kathy Winings; 1-212-997-0050; FAX 1-212-382-2377


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