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History of the Founding of the Youth Federation for World Peace

by Larry Moffitt-Washington, DC

As it states in the organization's State of Purpose, adopted July 26, 1994 at the first general meeting in the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) is a worldwide educational and service organization and forum for the discussion of youth-related issues and a practical agenda for youth development, including scholarship programs, values education and training in leadership and conflict resolution. One program will merge existing university facilities with telecommunications technology to create an ambitious education project which will allow students anywhere in the world, from any social or income class, to receive accredited academic training. The Youth Federation will emphasize love of God, the nation and world, and will work in many capacities to help young people contribute to society. Membership will be open to individuals from 18 to 48 years old. The YFWP is headquartered in Washington, DC and has branch organizations in 164 countries.

The YFWP was founded by the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who have founded other organizations dedicated to working toward world peace. Sharing a common desire to work toward solutions to war and all forms of human conflict, the previously established groups include the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), the Federation for World Peace (FWP), the Summit Council for World Peace (WFWP), the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) and the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS).

This meeting, which formally inaugurates the world organization, is the result of a decision by the 170 assembled delegates from 20 countries who gathered at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China in June for the Second International Collegiate Seminar for World Peace, sponsored by CARP. Meeting under the theme "The Role of Youth in the Changing World," delegates called for the formal creation of an international youth federation. An historical footnote is that this Beijing meeting was the first opportunity ever for students from the DPRK (North Korea) and the ROK (South Korea) to meet for the discussion of issues important to both sides.


In spite of the inauguration being held in the middle of a business day afternoon during the vacation season when Washingtonians traditionally abandon the city to the tourists-the Washington-based organizing committee found the YFWP to be an idea waiting to be discovered by many. In particular there was an immediate warm response from New York, centering on the Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and the World Mission Department; North American Continental Leader Rev. Joong Hyun Park; Rev. Do Hee Park; CARP's Dr. Joon Ho Seuk and Dr. James Baughman and Dr. Tyler Hendricks of the U.S. Headquarters, teamed up with Rev. Chung Jik Woo, the Regional Director in Washington. Coordinating under Rev. Woo were Mr. Tom McDevitt, Rev. Kevin McCarthy and Mr. John Robbins.

Meanwhile, at the World Mission Department in New York, Mr. Shunichiro Yoshida and Mr. Patrick Kirkbride and their small staff were trying to communicate with, get responses from and visas for, representatives in each of 164 countries. Suddenly it dawned on everyone: this would be a global mobilization. We had three weeks to move the earth.

It was a mobilization effort characterized by having too little time to bring too many people It was too ambitious, too geographically spread out. Only unity could save us now.

In Washington, in order to get 500 people, we aimed for 720 confirmations. Rev. Woo put into gear, once again, the community and district leadership system that has served so well in previous campaigns. He organized several area wide leadership meetings to get each district to realistically commit to bringing 80 guests.

Although there was a lot of concern about being able to fill the room with the best quality people, the genuine effort of everyone involved brought a standing-room-only crowd to this inaugural event. Beginning with a base of 1300 chairs, several hundred more were added as the room began to fill, until there was no more room for chairs and the overflow crowd stood in the aisles and out in the hall during the afternoon session. By every measure, the event was already a big success.

Founding Session of the General Assembly

The session was called to order at 10:30 a.m. on July 26 by Mr. Larry Moffitt, Coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the YFWP. As this was primarily a business session, a roll call of the countries and delegates present was followed by brief remarks by Mr. Moffitt, who explained some of the recent events and motivating background behind the founding of the YFWP.

A proposed statement of purpose and Articles of Association were read and ratified by the General Assembly.

A vote was called for and Mr. Dong Moon Joo was elected President of the YFWP by the General Assembly. Mr. Joo made brief acceptance remarks, during which he elaborated on True Parents' vision for the YFWP and pledged the complete support of himself and the world headquarters toward the realization of that vision.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. and the delegates enjoyed a few moments of free time and lunch with brothers and sisters, some of whom they hadn't seen in more than ten years.

Inaugural Ceremony

The inaugural meeting was the highest-level meeting with such great diversity of participants-Christian, Muslim and Jewish; Democrat and Republican; liberal and conservative; men and women; military and civilian; white, black and Asian-all centering on our True Parents. We have had meetings in the past which included more eminent participants, but usually only from one narrow spectrum, such as politics, academics or media. What was demonstrated to the more than 1600 people who filled the hall was the power of the True Parents' heart and love to bridge all these gaps and make among all the different interest groups.

Mr. Neil Salonen was asked by the Organizing Committee to be the master of ceremonies, and he called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m., beginning with an introduction of the head table guests. The head table included such eminent personages as Gen. Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Hon. Walter Fauntroy, Amb. Douglas MacArthur II, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Heath, Hon. Maureen Reagan, H.E. Stoyan Ganev, and H.E. Aziz Sidky. Next to the content of Father's and Mother's addresses, the most inspiring parts of the inaugural ceremony for many were former Costa Rican President Rodrigo Carazo's introduction of True Father and Ms. Maureen Reagan's introduction of True Mother. Their words were respectful, dignified and heartfelt.

An addition to the proceedings, made only hours before the program, was the announcement by True Father of his determination to raise $1 million as "seed money" to establish a permanent scholarship fund. Entertainment, as diverse and varied as the composition of the head table, followed the event. Mr. Moffitt, as master of ceremonies for the entertainment program, introduced Hyo Jin Nim's band, Ancestors, whom Hyo Jin Nim had sent from New York to perform. Their heavy metal sound immediately took control of the atmosphere and took the audience to a state of high energy. Following Ancestors, the students of the Kirov Academy of Ballet performed a wonderfully moving series of classical ballet vignettes as well as modern jazz numbers.

The final act was the band of Ms. Torhild Nigar backed up by Ben and Stian Lorentzen and Mr. Alistair Farrant on the keyboards. Torhild's original songs enchanted and further uplifted an already inspired audience.

VIP Dinner

Because so many distinguished world leaders had changed previously- made plans and traveled such great distances in order to attend this inaugural event, Father and Mother wanted to host a special dinner for about 50 of them, to show their appreciation. Attending from the True Family were In Jin Nim, Jin Sung Nim and Hoon Sook Nim.

The Right Honorable Sir Edward Heath was presented the Grand Cross of the Order of Unity and Liberty by the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA). True Father made the presentation in his capacity as Founder of AULA and was joined in the ceremony by AULA President, Ambassador Jose Chaves.

Father closed the evening by speaking informally to the delegates on a number of themes he has been concerned with throughout his ministry. Father said that people must first solve the contradiction that exists within themselves-the disunity of mind and body within the individual. We have a war within ourselves as individuals, he said, and that is why we still have wars between nations. A nation made up of individual people who have resolved the war within themselves will be a peaceful nation.

At this time, however, no person and no country can say they are good. And in fact they are evil, because they are not living according to God's expectations. God has needed individuals and then a couple he could depend on. From there a family would arise that God could call His own. These God-approved families would be the beginning of a nation and world which belongs to God. In connecting the mission of the YFWP to this process, Father said the youth of the world need to be educated as to their purpose in life. In knowing the reason for their creation, they can get victory on the level of mind and body and then form God-approved families.

One woman, an employee of the hotel who was in charge of our entire event, observed Father speaking to the guests at the VIP dinner and remarked, "Rev. Moon is the most powerful person I have ever heard in my life. Anytime he is going to be speaking anywhere near Washington, no matter when it is, please tell me because I want to go hear him." She compared the spirit she felt at the inaugural ceremony and the VIP dinner with that of a Youth for Jesus conference that was in the hotel at the same time as we were. "The Youth for Jesus meeting has no energy at all compared with yours," she said.

One Christian leader who has worked with us for many years said that the speed with which Father mobilized his worldwide movement, involving 164 countries in less than a month, was simply unbelievable. He said our name should be "The Church of the Last Minute." The same waiters and other hotel personnel have worked with us on Father's and Mother's speaking tours and also on the True Children's tour, and they often remark that we put events together in three or four weeks that are much more organized than events other people spend a year-and-a- half just planning.

And although those who know us are accustomed to witnessing Father and Mother's intensity toward their missions, even they were shocked when the dinner concluded and, instead of going to their rooms to rest after a long day of celebration, they went to another room down the hall to deliver a similar message-for another hour-and-a-half-to the international delegates and families who would be hosting them during their stay in Washington.

Sir Edward Heath commented afterward on Father's stamina and was shocked to learn that Father is only three years younger than he.


Father's words to our members during this time were deeply moving and serious. He mentioned several projects that are developing momentum. He addressed the great project of providing educational opportunities to those around the world who otherwise could not afford top-level schools. Our primary purpose is to educate the Second Generation throughout the world centered on True Parents in order that they can help build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Father asked us, "Who is capable to educate the Second Generation? Only the Unification Church."

Father described the four main organizations of IRFWP, FWP, WFWP and YFWP as representing the unity of the mind (IRFWP) and body (FWP), unity between mother and children (WFWP) and the unity of brothers and sisters (YFWP). At this time, each nation is only looking after its own interests. Through the YFWP and our other projects, we can foster a new era of unity among nations.


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