Articles From the June 1994 Unification News


WFWP Essay Contest in NYC

by Cynthia Inman-Bronx, NY

WFWP sponsored l3 programs in New York City on college campuses, and as part of the campaign we organized an Essay Contest that was open to all students who attended the speech. Our desire was to stimulate the students to re-read the speech, thinking deeply about what it really takes to build a world of peace. A city-wide awards ceremony was held on May l7th, at the Manhattan Tudor Hotel. It was standing room only . . . the peaceful explosion began!

The evening commenced with a reception which included a beautiful buffet and some excellent music provided by a saxophone and bass duet. The mood was set and the program opened with words of welcome from the NY Regional Chairwoman Mrs. Debby Gullery. The distinguished guest speakers included Mrs. Joy Hardinge, Montessori educator, Mr. Mark Anthony Jenkins, a motivational speaker with tremendous experience speaking to young people, and Mrs. Bandela Bicaise, Representative of the Woman's Organizational Resources for Development in Liberia.

The cultural and age diversity among the speakers was also reflected in the audience. Each of the speakers spoke words of congratulation to the participants, and encouraged them to look at the essay contest as just a beginning to their efforts. They also expressed a sincere desire to join WFWP -men and women! - and suggested the same to the audience as a way to complete their commitment to making a difference.

The first prize winner was a student from Brooklyn, who received a check of $500.00. His name was Andrew Clarke, and he responded spontaneously to the audience's request to say a few words. The second prize winner was from Harlem, David S. Smalling, who received a check for $300. The third prize winner was also from Harlem, Robert Joalisus, who received a check for $200. There were four Honorable Mentions - each of whom received a diploma and a $20 gift certificate from a local bookstore.

The evening closed with a spirit of unity surrounding the theme and it was clear that all had a determination to continue the effort to achieving world peace!

Cynthia Inman is the Vice-Chairwoman, Bronx Chapter of WFWP.


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