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Have you Harnessed the Energy?

by Bruce Dubuque

There is a profound analogy for the Completed Testament Era, in Father's first name that I am sure all Western civilization can relate to.

The Sun is much more than just the center of our solar system. It is a huge collection of atoms in a constant state of re-vitalization called fusion. It is everlasting in terms of human years, and it gives life to everything it touches. The heart of the analogy can be found in the dictionary when you break it down into it's smallest particle or molecular structure.

Fusion: 1\ The act of blending or the state of being blended throughout. 2\ The act or process of changing from a solid into a liquid by the agency of heat; melting. 3\ A nuclear reaction in which light nuclei fuse into those of a heavier element with the release of great energy.

We have definitely all blended together in harmony of purpose from Father's words. We have all most certainly been changed from our solid, stoic selves and melted with his love. Our very nucleus has been elevated to a greater cause, and released into the world with a great deal of energy.

But, what will we do with this energy he has given us. Are we to go fission with the rest of the world?

Fission: 1\ The act of splitting or breaking apart. 2\ The splitting of an atomic nucleus into particles and smaller nuclei with the release of energy.

Do you want to go fission and end in a puff of smoke, or do you want to be everlasting as the Sun above?

If you want to be like Father you must walk Father's path. With Love, not prejudice or bigotry. With peace, not strife or hatred. You are revitalized because he raised you up. No matter what your previous state of heavier element, he was there for you! Will you be there for the person who is in a state of heavier element than you? We must all love the world to blend with it. Not judge the world to consume it! Only by searching out and elevating the heaviest elements in our society can we succeed on a global level to restore peace. Make peace with all of your brothers and sisters, not just your race, or your nation, or your religion. But, all and every single one!

An analogy is like a picture made up of words, or a map showing the course between two points. Quite often it is a vantage point not seen with the naked eye. It is said a fusion reactor will last a thousand lifetimes, a fission reactor just one.

Talk about perpetual's called reciprocal unconditional love.


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