Articles From the May 1994 Unification News


The Summit Council Report

by Frances D. Ichijo

I had the honor and privilege of being invited to help with the Summit Council Conference in Seoul, March 26 through March 29, 1994. The participants of this conference were of the highest caliber and well- respected worldwide, so it was indeed an honor to serve not only them but also our True Parents.

Upon arrival, many first-time guests were a bit skeptical, distant, or cool. But after being greeted at the hotel by friendly and professional Caroline Betancourt, witnessing the opening plenary session with the Little Angels singing, and hearing opening remarks by Father and President Gorbachev, their hearts and minds really opened up. My responsibility was "director of hospitality" so I was able to see this substantial change in people firsthand. I was able to have lots of give and take with the guests and provide for their needs whether it was procuring an aspirin or telling them where to shop in Seoul. It was partly through this personal give and take with our members that the guests could be moved and welcome our True Parents readily.

One distinguished guest, the Prince Ali-Khan, brought some very precious holy water from his Muslim tradition to offer to Father. He asked me to find a small but nice container in which to put the water. As it was for Father, the receptacle had to be the best and most beautiful and appropriate, so my staff and I struggled to find just the right object. The prince knew how hard we worked to help him make this offering and he was very touched.

To see President Gorbachev, the austere, serious socialist, just melt as he heard the Little Angels sing was another precious moment to see. Surely Father had a great vision and purpose when he created the Little Angels.

Dr. Hannan Ashrawi, the PLO spokeswoman, gave a deep, heart wrenching account of the Palestinian plight and was applauded heartily by all conferencees - yet this famous person was ever so humble, gracious and youthful showing me in her room what gifts she had brought for her friends and family.

Maureen Reagan was touched by the flowers she got at the airport and by Eunhi Smith's kind and natural way as she escorted her to the hotel.

Many of the guests, being former heads of state, were touched by the honor and respect we gave them, which they no longer receive in their own countries.

During the conference, all the staff simply applied Father's training and attitude of service. This attitude of service will eventually win the entire world over to God's side. Not violence nor economic sanctions, but love in its purest, true form will bring world peace as exemplified in this Second Conference for World Peace.


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