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In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim Bring True Love to the University of Chicago

March 27, 1994
by Marie Hudson

This was Chicago's third event in the 100 Campus Tour. We chose to hold it at the University of Chicago. Rev. Michael Jenkins is the campus minister there; he did all of the work in securing Bond Chapel for the speech. Two days after we got permission to use Bond Chapel, Rev. Jenkins received a call that the event was canceled. Rev. Jenkins researched to find out why: a former CARP member from New York was deprogrammed by her father some months ago, and her father teaches at the University's medical school. Because of this negativity, officials were trying to stop the speech scheduled for March 27. During all of this our members continued to witness for the speech on campus. Rev. Hong asked Rev. Jenkins to mobilize our most positive associates to contact the University . Because of their unity and faith, God could work miracles. Our gratitude goes out to Dr. Morton Kaplan, Rev. A.I. Dunlap, Rev. M.E. Sardon, Rev. Thomas Lee-special assistant to Mayor Daley-and Dr. Bauta, among many others, who called the President's office, wrote letters, and sat in on meetings with the Dean and the University President with Rev. Jenkins. Because of their unity with the Unification Church, and because of their courage to stand up for True Parents, we gained permission to hold our event. Our brothers and sisters determined to work harder to make the event a success.

Because of all the indemnity paid, God could bestow His blessing on Chicago; not only did Jin Sung Nim come to Chicago, but In Jin Nim came with him. Instead of Jin Sung Nim giving the speech, In Jin Nim spoke at Bond Chapel. Jin Sung Nim introduced In Jin Nim to the group; his introduction was very inspiring. He spoke of his blessing to In Jin Nim; not only were members moved by his heart of love in introducing his wife, but so were the guests. I could see college students, who at one point were slouching in their seats, sit up straight and pay attention to her words. One professor who attended the speech wrote this letter to the sister who invited him to the program: "Your Sunday presentation at Bond Chapel certainly hit an important central issue in life that too many just miss. As told, I am originally from Norway. My youngest brother-in-law, Johan Jorgen Holst, passed away in Oslo last January after being the PLO/Israel peace broker. He was sitting next to Rosalyn Carter during the peace signing on the White House lawn some months ago. Sincerely, Edvard Heiberg."

After In Jin Nim's speech, the members went to the Quality Inn Hotel to hear True Children speak. In Jin Nim asked Jin Sung Nim to speak; as he spoke, many members felt a closeness to True Parents and True Family that they might not have ever known. Jin Sung Nim expressed so many things to us about the hearts of True Children: how they could never hide from being a Unification member, and that we needed to become more responsible. As In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim spoke, members' hearts were flying; they came to a new understanding of the True Family, and their hearts are so grateful to In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim for their visit to Chicago. As the True Children left, you could feel the wind gently blowing True Parents' love to each and every heart in Chicago.


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