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Book Review - A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

by Sandra Lowen-Newberg, NY

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, by Franchezzo, transcribed by A. Farnese, 1993, AIM Publishing Company, West Grove, PA, 246 pp., $14.

In the middle of page 4, Franchezzo, a young Italian of the latter 19th century, makes a horrifying discovery: he is dead. What follows, according to A. Farnese, a late-19th century medium who received and transcribed Franchezzo's spiritual memoirs, from the hell of the spirit world, to a paradisical state. Written in a clear, first-person narrative style, the book takes the reader from Franchezzo's gravesite, to which the unfortunate young man finds his spirit body chained in a state of decay, to his liberation through his repentance and the supportive love of his earthly and spiritual friends. Not only does one follow the Wanderer's individual course of restoration, but also his views of such topics as the structure of the spirit world, the sort of spirits on earth, the formation of planets, how spirits materialize, and the gathering battle of good and evil. Of particular significance is the constant reminder of the consequences of intention and actions as the determinants of one's fate in the next world.

While some may question if the work is a factual account of a real person in the spirit world or merely the fabrication of Mr. Farnese, Wanderer is consistent with the accounts given by other spirit world chroniclers, and in many cases, more comprehensive. I would highly recommend Wanderer as an excellent introduction to the spirit world for the uninitiated and a comfort for those to whom the realities of life after death remain obscure or the source of anxiety.

The book was published last year, through the auspices of the Association for Inner Mastery (AIM), an organization dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. A number of publications and tapes are available through AIM. For more information, or to order, contact: Association for Inner Mastery, 414 Rose Hill Road, West Grove, PA 19390

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