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Hak Ja Han Moon and Family Launch Tour of 100 American Campuses

Impossible, is what we all thought. Even the Regional Directors called for a revision: 50 in the spring and 50 in the fall. Their plea had as much chance as a candle in a snowstorm. Reverend Moon was, as usual, absolute: his wife and family will speak on one hundred university and college campuses throughout America this spring. He said it; we believe it, and that settles it.

Rushing home from the February 16 meeting, Unificationists fanned out across America to set the wheels in motion. By March 8, by the grace of God, the first event had come to pass: Mrs. Moon spoke from the pulpit of the Harvard Divinity School (see special report to the UNews). The dye was cast; the following day her daughter Un Jin Nim spoke at Pasadena Community College and her daughter-in-law Jun Sook Nim spoke at Loyola University (New Orleans). Mrs. Moon proceeded to the University of Maryland, New York University and Cornell University before the week was out, and to Yale, Princeton and beyond after that.

What is the purpose of this surprise direction from the Unification founder?

It is obvious from east to west, north to south that the young generation of Americans are in trouble. Despite massive investment in education, despite unhindered scientific development of educational theory and technology, the status of the present generation of young people is, by all indicators, a sad one, with no hope in sight. A generation ago, the young people envisioned a coming world of peace and love, filled with ideals. The present "Generation X" is at the crossroads.

Marx perceived a pattern to history based upon economics. Unification Thought perceives a pattern too, but this one based upon spiritual dynamics. These spiritual patterns develop according to the people's unity with God and with each other. If there is unity with God's Word, then unity with each other will come and the future will unfold. Disunity with God's Word leads to disunity with each other: between races and religions, between husband and wife, and between mind and body. Then history will close up shop. The result is Generation X, with no past, no future, no present, no nothing.

This is the characteristic of the last days, the crossing point of good and evil on the world level. All the braintrusts of the best and the brilliant prove themselves bankrupt. The students know that they are responsible for the future, for solving the problems of the world. And they know that the professors, government and religious leaders do not have the answers. They know that the standard methods will not work. They are ready for a radical message, one that gets to the root. That is the message of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

Without parental love, this world will die; it is as simple as that. The ultimate source of parental love is God, but there must be a substantial channel of that love on earth. Jesus was not that channel; he was not a parent. No other, not Buddha, not Moses, not Mohammed, was a true son of God. The love of God must come through substantial parents, and it must begin at one point and multiply from there.

We are looking forward to reporting to you the excitement and impact of this speaking tour.

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