Articles From the March 1994 Unification News


They Know What to Do

by Dianne Hickler
Kissimmee, FL

I'd like to relate an incident from our family.

Recently my husband and I took our three children for a day at Busch Gardens, a theme park near Tampa, Florida. It was around Christmas so the park was very crowded. As we sat watching a dolphin and sea lion show, I looked at the large crowd of people sitting all around us. Suddenly, looking around at the crowd of people, I was overwhelmed. Here we were, just one small family surrounded by an ocean of people in need of the Divine Principle. I felt depressed. I thought, "How are we going to restore this world? The people are so involved with themselves. Every day children are being born on Satan's side. How can they change and accept True Parents?" My eyes filled with tears.

The next morning I was having breakfast with my family and I shared my feelings. Our daughter Aeryun is our eldest, now seven years old. I asked her how we could reach all the people and tell them about True Parents. Without giving much thought, she said, "If you tell one person every day and they tell their friends and then those people tell their friends, then we can reach the whole world."

The words resonated deeply in my heart. My husband and i looked at each other amazed, knowing that this simple truth is Father's formula for victory.

Even though they are yet children, the blessed children know what we should do.

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