Articles From the March 1994 Unification News


National Conference at Headquarters

by Dr. Tyler O. Hendricks-NYC

On February 17, 1994, there was a one-day conference of the Regional Directors, National WFWP leadership, the National Ecumenical Office, the National Campus Ministry leadership and staff of the HSA National Headquarters. This was the first meeting of its kind, and was accomplished through the efforts of our new Continental Director, Rev. Joong Hyun Pak.

The day began with the warm welcome from the assembled members who work and live at 43rd street of the Regional Directors in the Headquarters lobby, and a prayer together in the chapel. This was followed by refreshments in the new "Crossings: Coffee and Conversation" facility on the first floor and a tour of the National Headquarters building.

The group then convened in the Oak Room for reports on the national situation of the church from many different angles. Rev. Pak facilitated the discussions of critical issues facing our church, and the ways in which we can respond to the challenges. After a delicious luncheon in Father's dining room, the agenda broadened to include the upcoming tour of 100 campuses, and the general witnessing and education status nationwide. Dr. Baughman introduced the new "Completed Testament Crusade" program. The leaders strongly determined to accomplish the goals set forth by the Reverend Moon the day before at East Garden.

The meeting closed with powerful prayer from Rev. Chong Jik Woo of Washington, DC, and a hearty mansei. As we shared dinner, there was a very bright spirit of new hope and communication nationwide.

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