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High Crimes And Spies

All of us have encountered crime. And we've read about "high crimes" amongst the leaders and elite of our society. We've also read news reports about "spies" infiltrating our nation. An investigative reporter "commits suicide" in West Virginia, just after warning friends that he was close to uncovering a major government-corruption scandal. International smuggler's ships boldly sail into our major harbors, unloading their human cargo into a future of virtual enslavement. We read "extremist's" allegations of Vietnam War heroin- trading fortunes, and wonder why some of our POW's may have been left to rot.

There are several basic kinds of "sins" and "fallen natures." Often they are subtle, manifesting as deep-rooted pride and selfishness. In this article we will look at one very apparent aspect of these. (See "Self Interested" for a broader view.)

Crime and enmity are among their most egregious manifestations. When unchecked by conscience or social constraints, they result in crime. On a larger scale, divisions of many kinds result in national suspicions and hostilities.

We can read history books about outrageous corruption and betrayal in such places as revolutionary China. (Read "The Soong Dynasty " by Stirling Seagrave) And today we read of places such as war-ravaged Bosnia and Somalia. Of powerful local "warlords" cutting deals, shifting loyalties, and generally profiting from the worst of human misery.

We are also saddened and dismayed by awful "street level" crimes, which fill the headlines-- and our lives. In New York, the "Long Island Railway" shooting. In California, the "101 California" shooting and the Polly Klaas case. Public anger and concern have reached tremendous levels. Hopefully, there will now be a move toward genuine solutions. Neither blind retribution, nor "airheaded" liberal government programs.

Our "local police" fight against the violent criminals that plague our everyday lives. They need all the support they can get! Sometimes they become corrupt themselves, as a recent New York City case publicized. The "crime bosses" add millions of tempting dollars to this mix, unfortunately. Still, most all police do their best. And the public is inspired by the "Untouchables" of past and present times.

The FBI, DEA and other national outfits fight the "high level" criminals. The smugglers of drugs, illegal goods-- and immigrants. This is the infamous world of fast boats and palatial villas. They usually do a very good job indeed. Yet sometimes they go horribly wrong, as with the Weaver case in Idaho, or in Waco (America's own Tianenman Square??). These agents have the same temptations and triumphs as the local police-- only larger.

Our CIA, NSA and others watch for spies from other nations. They also attempt to discover the plans and capabilities of enemy nations and powers. They also work against terrorists and agents who threaten our society from without. Again, they usually do a very professional job. Although sometimes they really "drop the ball," as in the case of Sergeant Jack Dunlap, who drove his "KGB money" sports car to work -to the NSA HQ parking lot- every day for weeks! [Flash: Strikingly similar to the last-breaking, but worse, Ames/CIA case.] However, their greatest successes, by the very nature of their work, cannot be revealed. We can learn a great deal from books on these subjects. For example, George Washington himself was a successful spymaster. He had the British generals running to and from nonexistent armies! He even used his own secret code, written with invisible ink. (Read Spies of the Revolution by Katherine and John Bakeless.) World War Two has filled entire libraries with its espionage exploits. Such as the "Ultra Secret"; reading the "unbreakable" German codes-- with the very first electronic computer. And Churchill allowing the destruction of Coventry, to avoid "tipping off" the Germans.

There are several entire fiction genres based upon these subjects. Unfortunately, "modern" publishing encourages some rather graphic writing, far too explicit for many people's standards. Often, the authors do have "inside" knowledge. Such as Ian Fleming, the ex-spy who wrote the James Bond books. Others have tales "too hot to tell," and so couch their revelations in fiction. Such stories include the fate of the huge war booty found in Occupied Germany and Japan. And the (by now) very high level people who proved to have "sticky fingers" . . .

Various societies define crime quite differently. Many countries will execute a "drug dealer," while others merely "wink at" his actions. All nations outlaw murder, and yet -even today- there are "macho" countries where a man can kill his wife, and "explain" his justification to the (male) Judge-- and get that same "wink"... The United States allows "American Nazi" and "Revolutionary Communist" Parties to operate freely. While Singapore bans many organizations, and even outlaws "gum chewing!" And North Korea still outlaws everything not specifically allowed by the authorities.

America is again engaged in a "war on crime," especially since the heartrending cases mentioned earlier. But, this has taken some odd twists and turns. To (supposedly) stop the spread of AIDS, free needles are given out to (otherwise criminal) drug users. While, cigarettes are banned in many jails-- and their price has risen as high as $200 a pack! Dozens of guards have themselves been arrested for smuggling them in, since these bans. Gun laws are a perennial "hot issue" Yet, few people look for the causes that actually lead to these addictions in the first place. There is much speculation, but too little in the way of the true "spiritual" answers.

Many people look for the causes of "high crimes" and "national enmities" in Conspiracy Theories. (Watch the film "JFK" for an overdose of these!) These supposed conspiracies span centuries-- and the globe. They are allegedly carried out, depending on whom you ask, by a great number of organizations. Strangely, those which are not exactly friendly with each other, in point of fact. Such as: the Vatican and the Masons, or the Mormons and the Marxists, or the Satanists and the CIA.

Obviously, this gets rather absurd. There are dedicated "utopian socialists," violent "revolutionary crusaders," and greedy "backstabbing bankers" in ALL nations, and they've worked their wiles where ever they could. One could just as easily posit a huge Master Conspiracy, say, the "Frumpine Menace." Peg the Frumpines with the murder of JFK-- and of Lincoln. Blame them for the Great Depression-- and the World Wars. "Hey, how would you ever find out?", asks the conspiracy buff. "The Frumpines write the history books, and own the presses, you know! They 'eliminate' those who stand in their way!! They want you to call me a 'crackpot' because killing me isn't worth it. I have proof. Old documents and diaries, which I liberally quote. Can you look at them? Heck no! THEY have already tried to steal them, twice! " Again, this gets silly after a while. The real conspirator is Satan, and all the greedy and criminal people who do his will-- whether they realize it or not. The city of Las Vegas is the "fast buck" capital of America. Every sort of scam and scheme is hatched and spread there; often by phone and computer, these days. However, the "friendly con" capitol lies to the north; Salt Lake City. The hardworking Mormon's wealth is, too often, taken away by "wolves in sheep's clothing." False "Saints" whom they are naturally inclined to respect and trust. (Author's note: Having lived in those cities, I report what I've learned there.) Unfortunately, in the past our Unification Movement has also been hoodwinked, both by "great offers" and by "fake members" (As recounted in "Inquisition") The Unification movement has also had its experiences with "spies," especially in France. Sometimes during sermons, Rev. Moon has "addressed the spies," asking them to "tell your masters" some message. Several years ago, the CIA, in the U.S. Supreme Court, fought off our "Freedom of Information Act" request that would have revealed some of their names.

Sometimes, the government itself becomes the enemy. The best-known case, both morally and historically, is Nazi occupied Europe. Where the "Resistance" had to violate the occupier's "laws" in order to oppose and hamper the enemy. They faced terrible choices, such as assassinating "The Hangman" Heydrich even though an entire village was massacred in retribution. Christians were haunted by these moral dilemmas-- and the imperative to oppose evil. (Read "Christian Witness in the Resistance." By the World's Student Christian Federation, Geneva, April 1947.) Things were heroic, which would have been immoral, if not criminal in ordinary times. Also check out TV's "Deep Space Nine," which has explored these themes well.

Already mentioned are unfortunate cases where the U.S. government became an "enemy," but fortunately these are isolated incidents-- that in no way compare to Occupied Europe. It is still possible to "work through the system" here, although many doubt it nowadays.

The Unification movement has chosen not to directly oppose the criminals and spies that plague our nation and world. We do support local police through a number of community projects. And the publications we've founded, such as the Segye Ilbo and the Washington Times, have already done much to expose corruption and other "high crimes." However, the "big guys" of crime can be ruthless and deadly, and we're not "meeting them head on" at this time.

These people prey upon people's fallen nature, through gambling, prostitution, drugs, etc. They also divide and exploit people through extortion, gang warfare, etc. And they try to corrupt law enforcement, politicians, etc. The Unification movement, through teaching the clear morals and ideals of the Divine Principle, can and does help "immunize" people against these evil influences.

Also, through VOC, we help in hampering spies, who use these same methods, as well as mis-directed idealism. This was recognized long ago by several national governments, who -fortunately for them- permitted these VOC teachings. Oddly enough, even "ordinary" criminals can enlist in such nation-saving causes!! As when the Sicilian Mafia helped the U.S. Army in its World War Two liberation of Italy. Things are not always as "black and white" as we'd like!

In the future, how should governments deal with Crimes and Spies? In Abel-type nations like America, citizens enjoy "freedom, rights and privacy." And these must always be defended! Yet, criminals and spies must not be allowed to hide-- they must be exposed!! In Orwell's famous 1984, the government watched everybody, all the time Some countries are trying to do that, even now . . .Yet, "who watches the watchers?" In Romania, their liberation exposed incredible debauchery and corruption among their "elites," including the Security Forces. Only with "true heart" could government be really trusted with its powers. What of the hardened "street criminals?" Right now lawmakers are working on "Three Strikes and You're Out" laws, to keep repeat violent felons behind bars forever. There have been several scientific breakthroughs on the "causes of criminality." Rev. Moon mentions the sheer importance of "having both parents there, or at least the grandparents." In Russia we have begun "prison workshops."

Certainly, the widespread teaching of Divine Principle will cause a huge drop in crime and national enmity. Also, the growth of "Home Town" and "Tribal Messiahship" will build better and stronger families and neighborhoods. Concerned neighbors -with "true heart," not gossip- will surely be a healing influence. And involved Pastors can do what Policemen cannot; preventing troubles early on- giving the police less to do!

In popular fiction, such as in "Star Trek" we've seen "infallible cures" for criminals and social deviants. BUT -you guessed it- the "deviants" were hardly that . . . It was more like "deprogramming," in the hands of government! Clearly, we must do all humanly -and divinely- possible "rehabilitation." And the "incorrigible" holdouts? Exile? In fiction there are even "exile planets."

In the evolving Kingdom, under Principle, most "details" could be left to the good conscience of the citizens-- most laws would be obsolete. Yet there might be "moral" crimes, mainly involving the illicit sex that today is still "winked at." Would this be the concern of family, church, or state?? Even far in the future, the people concerned would always have to be vigilant, and prepared to handle any such errors, accidents, or "throwback" crimes.

In Unification history, it is told that "angels reported to Father" when he was isolated in Hung Nam prison. No electronic "bug" could possibly outdo an Angel!! Ultimately, God sees everything, no matter how well hidden. In The Way of Tradition it says that "Godly people will feel God's feeling, toward a stranger." Therefore, any future criminal wouldn't get very far! Finally, Divine Principle states that, in the Kingdom, crime would be impossible because "all would feel that pain."

So in conclusion, we find the Unification movement working in stages. Teaching Principle to strengthen people and societies, and VOC to help Abel-type governments. Assisting local police-- and perhaps the bigger agencies also. Finally, confronting criminals head-on, and helping all those who will accept it, leaving the incorrigibles for the "state" to handle. None of this is, or will be easy, but it is the clear path to the Peaceable Kingdom.

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