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Pragmatic Americans - Forward

Author's note:

In this series of articles, (17 so far) I have attempted to discuss a broad range of issues. Rev. Moon has said that "Americans are too pragmatic, too analytical." In this case I must certainly plead guilty! Yet, as we all know, this country is literally swarming with "experts" and "analysts" of many persuasions, often with powerful government and economic connections. And unfortunately, very few of them understand Divine Principle, or know the True Parents-- much less give them prominence in their lives.

As God's Providence advances, we Unificationists will be required to deal with many difficult and complex issues, and these articles are a small attempt at improving our understanding of them. Human knowledge and society are vast, and no one individual could even begin to scratch the surface in any area. Thus I must rely on the gleaned knowledge and observations of others, cross-checked, and viewed through my own understanding of Principle.

I must apologize for the brevity and broadness of these articles, which requires leaving out so much. But I must also thank the Unification News for graciously providing the space for them. Any errors, of course, are entirely my responsability. (Corrections welcomed!) Often I am deliberately being "outrageous," but only to help provoke discussion. Astute readers will notice several writing styles. In some articles, you'll note the occasional use of "we" meaning Unificationists, or all people-- and the frequent use of "I" referring to the author's thoughts and experiences. In English it is difficult to write clearly, any other way.

I extend a general "Thanks!" to our Church leadership, and to the many "abel type" social commentators. Also to my friends and family, for their wise observations and suggestions.

Mrs. Moon says that "we are a nation of talk shows" without solutions, and as I always attempt to point out, only Divine Principle and True Family hold the ultimate solutions our to society's multitude of problems. Thanks again!

Paul Carlson

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