Articles From the February 1994 Unification News


The Busy Little Star

Article from Heartwing Magazine
Written and contributed by Elizabeth Kiedler, Gerasdorf, Austria

I feel the stories we tell to children should give them a feeling of love; also they should help to build an internal picture so they can develop a personal relationship with Heavenly Father. Actually, with a new child the world is open, so it's very important how we explain things as this is where they prepare themselves for their life. This is a story for my young daughter Zita:

One evening Heavenly Father was watching the sky. Then He noticed that there was a very busy star; it was shooting across the sky, back and forth and just couldn't seem to place itself anywhere. Then Heavenly Father had a good idea.

He called the star and said, "Please go to my little girl Zita. You can shine, twinkle, and shoot, anything, but make her happy." The star was so excited that he went away very fast across the sky, dancing as he went. He found Zita trying to sleep. Then he made a big light in the sky and shot away. After a while he came back and swung gently to and fro in the sky. Zita was very happy and before she slept, she said, "Heavenly Father, thank You so much for thinking of me. I hope You are as happy as I am tonight. Good night." Then Heavenly Father blew her a big kiss and she fell asleep.

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