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The First Anniversary of the Foundation of the Women's Federation for World Peace

by Dr. Tyler O. Hendricks

At 7:00 a.m. on April 10, 1993, leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Unification Church in the New York and New Jersey areas gathered at East Garden to commemorate the first anniversary of the foundation of the Women's Federation for World Peace. The morning was cold, rainy and windy, as it was one year ago in the Seoul Olympic Stadium where True Mother delivered her inaugural address to an international gathering of 150,000 from over 70 countries.

That speech marked the beginning of a series of over one hundred public speeches over the following eight months for Hak Ja Han Moon, Founder of the WFWP and wife of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The first series of speeches was in Korea. This was followed by a tour of Japan, marked by a gathering of 50,000 at the Tokyo Dome in September. Mrs. Moon spoke in eight cities in the United States through October, and went from here to eight cities in Europe, then to Moscow, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, and finally to mainland China. Since then, the WFWP has been sponsoring activities locally around the world, centering on the ideal of world peace through the creation of ideal families through the harmony of man and woman. Recognizing the unique mission of women to resurrect their husbands and children and bring them into the Messianic realm, Unification sisters have been taking major responsibility in countless ways to further God's Kingdom on the earth.

The morning event at East Garden had an interesting and unusual arrangement. In the center on a low stage were the True Parents' chairs, representing the dual essentialities of God, the logos of masculinity and femininity, to have been substantialized in Adam and Eve if they had not fallen. To the left and right of the chairs stood two trees, symbolizing to this author the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge, which represent Adam and Eve.

Representing the American's WFWP, Mrs. Betsy Jones, representing the American WFWP President Nora Spurgin, gave a short message, and presented to True Mother a list of the over 1,100 charter members of the American WFWP chapter. She also presented a plaque on which was embossed the names of the Founding Members of the American chapter, and cards and messages from chapters around the world.

Following Mrs. Jones, Mr. Tagelin Hamad offered gratitude to True Parents on behalf of the Islamic couples who received the Blessing of Holy Marriage on April 10, 1992. He presented a large plaque inlaid with mother-of-pearl, on which were written the 99 names of God as understood in the Islamic faith.

Following the presentations, True Father invited True Mother to speak. She declined, preferring to listen to Father, with all of us gathered.

The following is an unofficial summary of his main points, according to the interpretation by Mr. Peter Kim.

Excerpt of True Father's Words

Women have had to take responsibility for the fall, and must continue to do so today. Since the fall, women have paid indemnity of heart. Eve was to have created the family environment, including rearing and educating the children, and caring for Adam. In the indemnity course her position of eminence was reversed, therefore women have been mistreated and scorned throughout history, victims in the indemnity course. America after World War 2 was in the bride's position, which is also the queen's position. Therefore American women have high prestige and aspirations. If the Messiah had been received in 1945, women would have gone the right way, but because the Messiah was rejected, women misused their freedom, and this resulted in a society of free sex and homosexuality.

Forty years were necessary to re-establish the foundation for women. Father, as John the Baptist, had to prepare Mother's foundation, centering on Korea, America (representing Christianity) and Israel (representing Judaism). America became Abel, Germany Cain, and England the Eve nation. An island is in the woman's position, longing for the continent. At the end of World War 2, seven nations were united in order to meet the Messiah centering on Christianity, as the Christian culture representing the bride. But Christianity stood against Father.

The WFWP must indemnify this by taking the bride's position. They must receive True Mother, and have her stand in the position of true queen and Eve, and unify Christianity and America, representing the unity of the Jewish nation and religion at Jesus' time. The cross was only a spiritual foundation, not a physical foundation. The three thieves were fighting, representing the struggle of right and left, and Christianity and Islam. The Second Advent is the time of Jesus' resurrection. Because of the fall, Adam lost sovereignty over Eve. Now, True Mother has fulfilled the four realms of heart. She is a true child of God, sister of God's children, wife in the eyes of God and mother of God's children. These four realms are restored and given to True Mother. By 1960 the Holy Wedding established Korea as the third Israel. Father had to walk the course of John the Baptist for forty years, in front, with Mother standing behind. After forty years, he could recognize Mother on the world level. This took place April 10, 1992. The Holy Wedding in 1960 restored the Old Testament Era. To restore the New Testament Era, Father's family had to move around the world. Therefore, Father came to America and suffering and sacrificed for the world. Centering on Korea, six countries should have united on the world level. They failed, and therefore Korea was divided. Kim Il Sung acts as if he were the Messiah. To bring his surrender, the free world must accept the true Messiah.

The archangel went to the top after the fall, so he can only go down. Kim Il Sung, as well as the Korean Christians, are in this position.

Most of the Korean government is happy with Father, but they are hampered by a few narrow-minded Christians. Now Father must give Kim Il Sung a way out of his corner. After visiting North Korea, Father proposed the solution to the North Korea problem to Bush, based upon the principle of forgiveness and assistance. However, Bush was stubborn. He failed, and so now we have the repetition of Carter's era.

Eve destroyed the family, therefore American women must restore the family. Because of their failure, free sex and homosexuality are destroying the family. Within the family there are murders, beatings and strangulations, between husbands and wives, parents and children. Therefore, American women must unite to welcome the Messiah. They must stop playing around, laughing and joking with lewdness.

Even if you have to sell your house, we must save the country. Material is not the most important thing; true love is most important. Women must be united 100% with their husbands and children, and restore their relatives. Israel and Christianity did not realize that they existed to sacrifice for the sake of the world. Do not put your family first; it exists for the sake of the world.

We must unite with True Mother and understand her course. With each birth, Mother was in great pain, but she cried and prayed for humanity. She is the example and standard for all women. Eve was created from Adam, therefore True Mother was established by True Father. She is not to complain or show tears in front of Father. Divorce starts from one word, which can be interpreted as complaint. In re-creation there can be no complaint, only thanks. We are like the potter's clay, which can be molded in any way, and the clay cannot say anything.


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