Articles From the February 1993 Unification News


Last Days a True Time Of Turmoil

By Christine Brooks

"This recently appeared in the" Gloucester Daily Times "(12/13/92)".

Since I came to Gloucester nine years ago, I've seen many of my friends getting divorced. Each time I hear of a new case, it is so painful, for it means a broken family. It also means suffering for both partners, and suffering for the child who loses the most precious thing, the love that conceived him, altering his sense of belonging, security and compassion.

How can this happen? It all started with the first couple. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed. God gave them the commandment not to eat of the fruit. The fruit was not a literal one, it was the fruit of love to be consummated when their heart would have been matured.

Tragically they moved away from God, got tempted by Satan and disobeyed. After they ate the fruit, what did they cover? Not their mouth, but the lover parts of their body, place of their transgression.

As a result, their offspring never knew true love. Of their own children, Cain killed Abel, and all their descendants suffered from that very start. The fight still goes on today between countries, races and religions. Hate took over love.

If man had grown according to God's will and had inherited true love from God, our human history would have been a history of peace. But Satan, who was the archangel Lucifer assigned by God to assist Adam and Eve in their growth to perfection tempted them instead and they fell while still immature as teen-agers. The seed of false love, false life and false blood lineage was sown.

To hide his crime, Satan tries to confuse people about values. People turn to drugs, sex, alcohol and substitutes, trying to change partners, desperately searching for that lost love. The bitter outcome is deception and destruction AIDS is spreading.

The act of love which was supposed to be holy, is now sold on the market. "Get a condom with a pizza is the latest! Love shouldn't have to be taught in school, it is a God given ability to be used at the right time when oneself is ready to live for the sake of the other one and build a family.

Children learn values from the example of the parents but for the fruit to ripen, he needs to grow on a tree that can stand to the storms.

We must return to the original ideal or God with a heart burning, rededicating and recommitting with trust in him and the desire that we will never depart from him

The last days is a time of turmoil, but also a time of hope. If we repent in tears, and start anew, God is ready to bless us.

"Christine Brooks is a mother of four children and has been a member of the Unification Church of 18 years."


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