Unification News for May 2001

April 15 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Immediately following the "We Will Stand" event on the 10th in North Dakota preparations began in South Dakota for a program that would be held in less than five days.

It would be a resurrection of both spirit and body.

Mrs. Betsy Orman and Mrs. Mayuri Hoffman worked on the program. Mr. Frank LaGrotteria and Mr. Dennis Hoffman worked on the hotel and venue preparation while Mrs. Phyllis Kim oversaw the hospitality. The organizing committee volunteers performed miracle after miracle as they had in Fargo.

The message of strengthening American families drew 400 invited religious leaders and supporters from across the local area and nation to the Sioux Falls Convention Center on Easter Sunday evening.

Earlier the same day, a sunrise service was held in Boise almost 1,000 miles away.

The beauty of all the invested love and care helped make the atmosphere tingle with the love of God.

A Japanese missionary choir moved the hearts of all with their rendition of Christian hymns on this sacred Easter evening.

Kentucky Pentecostalist Bishop J testified to the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in his travels with the tour.

In response to a skeptical reporter he stated: "He (Father Moon) is not bringing us down, but calling us up, asking us to open our eyes and ears, to look at and hear what is happening. His is an important message that we're spreading."

The Sudanese community played a big part in this event and many of their ministers participated in the program. One testified how the Father Moon through his words and teaching had saved his marriage.

After his introduction, 81-year-young Father Sun Myung Moon addressed the audience.

With Mr. Peter Kim giving translation, he spoke of the soaring divorce rates that have fractured the lives of children and spurred the breakdown of our family-centered society.

He explained that fidelity and a commitment to lasting marriages are essential in rebuilding the family and renewing the nation. Rounds of applause and cheers of reassuring "Amens" were often heard.

"We have to restore God's love, life and lineage!" he shouted near the close of his loving and often animated presentation.

"Man alone cannot produce. He needs a wife. Lineage is the most important factor to continuing God's plan."

It was an unforgettable Easter service.

Awards were given to some local area ministers and flowers were presented as is customary.

Afterwards, Reverend James Gavin of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification of Minneapolis traveling with the tour stated to the press: "We've got to bring Mom and Dad back into the family, bring purity back to our children,"

"This is about a spiritual movement that will bring people back to where God wants them to be."

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